Daryl is a very BAD boy! (18+)

I had just come in from the store. "Daryl I'm back",I called out.
I sat the bags down and looked at the answering machine. No messages.
So I walked along the hall and entered the living room. Again I called to my boyfriend.
"Daryl you here hon?"
No reply still.
So something told me look in his bedroom.
I walked in quietly and suddenly caught him in the act! He was pumping his hand up and down his thick shaft. Eyes shut and breathing heavy. Cum was splattered across his chest,stomach, and shoulder. Some shot out again as he stroked before me.
He paid me no mind and continued to pump.
In that moment I wanted to taste him and clean his sweet cum off.
My pussy ached to be filled by his 12 inches.
I continued to watch until he finished. He then caught me touching my pussy.
"Oh you're back."

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