Why I now hate Sergio Cortes/Sergio Jackson!

I know this post might upset some. I don't care! Me and Sergio and my family and friends aren't cool anymore.
We all had a fall out on Facebook.
Why? I'll try and explain . It's deeper than because he doesn't like me sexually or I'm trying to change him. Ha! That shit is just part of it. Listen.
First I'll say I trusted Sergio with my heart and my friendship,and he didn't really care much.
I tried my best to post to him. Mostly in English because I don't know Spanish without a translator. Sergio knows English,German,French,and Spanish. But rarely will he speak or write in those other languages. It's annoying to know.
And just to be spiteful more you can write in English,only to get his reply back in Spanish!
I know that's his native tongue,but English is Spain's second language!
Another thing,he has over a thousand Latina's/Chica's only who post little love notes in extreme ways(Iris Viera)to him like they are posessed. Seriously.
And what des Sergio do? Ignore it mostly and move on.
Yep and there's more. He also hides on his Facebook as offline until 'something bad' or something really funny is posted to his liking. My real cousin(Jason Williams) works for Facebook and sees when he is logged in. He sent me Sergio's logs.
And Sergio also went over the limit of users one can have. Sergio warned his mostly Latino fanbase in a wall post. Cool. We were ready to ban his usage. I didn't tell him though.
But secretly out of respect we let Sergio remove the users over the bar.
This has made it hard for Sergio to add more users like he wants now.
Facebook in the US put a lock at 5,000 users. Facebook in Spain on his account is now locked at 3,000!
Still it seems he has like over that.
So in a few weeks Sergio will loose like 2,000 followers! Watch and learn dear Sergio if you are out there.
And another thing,I trusted and respected Sergio so much I was the only black US fan to have two groups and two pages just for him! The hell with those Latina's I said. I also invited him to my other Facebook groups and pages as an admin.
And if that wasn't all,I told my famous cousin Magic Johnson about maybe helping this man get a tribute show in the US started. I got an email back from Magic's staff,saying that Sergio's lawyers and staff would have to approve.
So I sent Magic's people to Sergio's Myspace and Facebook.
No reply. He wouldn't add the staff to his account in the limit they said or something.
And I didn't have Sergio's private contacts.
And when Sergio did get a company to try and hire him for work in US casino's and shows,he turned it down too!
He claimed on his Facebook wall, it was cause they didn't give him freedom he wanted,and he didn't trust them with his info. Right. Understandable.
And lastly,I just got tired of trying with him.
He calls himself a tribute artist and impersonator,but he hasn't performed on a stage or off since 2002/2003.
A real impersonator does the MJ thing on a daily basis as a job and hobby.
Many do shows and tour often. I am friends/family with some of the best ones just look at my Facebook for refference. :)
Up and coming ones do small shows and street gigs like me and my brother Mykel.
Yep,I am now a street performer myself!
Mykel is new but performs in NYC.
A tribute artist of MJ also does the MJ thing for money and on a basis.
Sergio did a few shows in Spain in the past and was on tv like twice his whole entire life!
He hasn't had the luck since. And I made sure with a fellow MJ impersonator,that he won't get too big here in the states ever.
And not until recently has he become better known thanks to Facebook and Youtube.
He's good though. Very good! I applaud his achievments. :)
I could only dream of being that good on stage.
But lets face it,he's nearly washed up now. He still uses his old stage name Sergio Jackson on his photos and sites. And reallly that name is taken by a more productive young Mexican new
MJ impersonator as well. Yep.
But they share that stage name.
Sergio's appearance also changes just like MJ,and some secretly asked if he has surgery.
On his blog he wrote he neveer has. Yeah I believe that? Nope.
Sergio doesn't look anything like his brothers or parents either anymore.
Oh well the Lord is playing a trick on his face then. LOL
That's what happens when you ask God/Allah/Ra to look like MJ as a kid like he did.
"I want to grow up and become like my idol Michael Jackson".
Look at him at his early teens and now,you'd swear this ain't Sergio Cortes!
Now more than ever he looks like MJ. A cocky and quieter MJ.
And look at him in his 20's it's like he looks like a softer version of Carlo Riley(another friend of mind) respectfully. Creepy.
Is that natural? I guess. *smirks*
And let me tell you all reading this,Sergio's so-called Latina 'friends' have been in my very personal online buiness since I started liking this man! Stalking me online and off(Julie),asing me stupid questions(Jessica),and lurking my sites for info(Julie and Belkis).
Julie(claims to be close to Sergio and his brothers) even threatened me and claimed she was taking my info off my Facebook for awhile,and telling Sergio her bullshit about me. Warning him. Talking about I have a bad soul or persona. Yet she never knew just how interesting I am or about the details of me and her beloved Sergio.
Julie,eat my cunt you retarded Latina cock sucker of Sergio! You are hating cause I'm black and the only one who is to like Sergio so. You want to copy text I write,copy me taking a shit in your mouth!
And let me tell you all that when my mother posted to Sergio's Facebook and group in a bad way,it wasn't hurt. It was me under her account! She knows.
I was really pissed. The only way to get at this man is to pull his hair. LOL
Sergio told me before he took me off his group on Facebook when I told him he's no MJ, is "I like people who like me for who I am." Ditto that! And I like my freedom.
I aso tell the truth about myself on the net,not hide details unlike you.
Oh but my face isn't fucked up like MJ either that I have to hide.
Sergio I'm not trying to change you. I was really trying to help your status.
*smiles sheepishly*
But that's over.
Sergio's a Leo and has a big head and chip on his shoulder cause of how he looks!
He also has bad trust issues and too big a fanbase of mostly random Latina sluts,who want to pretend he's MJ and ride his cock.
Sergio is no MJ to me. He doesn't give to charity and love children and his fans the way MJ did.
He also sings with a heavy accent that makes him sound like Fez from That 70's Show instead of MJ. LOL
So yeah that's why I don't like Sergio anymore.
The respect is gone if you give me a reason to disrespect you. And it is hard to regain my trust!

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