Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sergio's new official homepage is up!

Yep I am working on it. I wanted something basic but pro enough to show his sites and info. Nothing flashy or expensive. Just something simple. I linked to all his sites,plus added the basics. You can find the site at sergiocortesparra

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas from!

I wish all readers and visitors a very blessed and joyous holiday!
Take the time to give back to those in need too.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

R.i.p to my dead family members!

God bless all my passed on dead family!
My dad,uncles,grandparents,aunt,great aunts,and great grand parents! Also the old me. I miss you all! :-)

Happy birthday mom!

This is late, but I wanna say I love my mother. She is Choctaw second nation and black! I love you mom!

Sergio Cortes Es Magia site offline!

Seems someone took it down. I admit I tried to hack the HTML code myself once in spite. But I did not have it removed. I hope my actions here and to him didn't succeed in this. As I said I will make him a site with .com soon using my macs and my HTML knowledge. It won't be as good as that site,but it will be nice. Stay tuned cause I am moving as well soon to a new place.

Monday, December 17, 2012

My apple collection!

This is all my apple stuff.
Ipad 2,ipod touches (4th gen),ibook g4,isight webcam. I sold my ipad mini. Will get a new one soon.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Contact me on FaceTime and iMessage!

If you have a iPhone 4 or 4s or 5,as well as a iPod touch 4th or fifth gen or a iPad 2,mini,or new third gen,you can add me! Also if you use a Mac with Mountain Lion!
Just sign up for a Apple ID for free,and use your device in settings.
You can even use an email or free!
Just login to either app and add my account to your contacts. I am or
I am usually always on my iPads and iPod touches,so adding me is ok.
I am always on. :)

Just to get this clear about my stories and sexual postings!

I wanna be clear and say,that my sexual stories are about Maestro not MJ.
MJ portrays the character Maestro. And it is he that I portray as well!

The photos are mostly photoshopped by other #mjpervs and graphic artists around the net.
All one has to do is search. I do not,I repeat; do not o these graphics so don't rant to me on my other accounts online about it!
If you have say about such content,skip it. Don't read it. I give warnings here. Again if you still have issues,just comment after login into!

Mj tributer of the month!

This was easy. I only pick my Facebook friends off my three accounts,that are MJ performers at their best. I truly think this guy is awesome. He is from Ohio like myself and a hard-working fan.
Give it up for....Ty Malachi Bass aka Corey Melton!

Ty blew me away with these photos.
And he is is pretty good singer as well! :)
Congrats Ty. You are my December/January tributer of the month!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

About Trinette Rani Johnson 2012!

I want to post about my background. Because alot of people think i am just an odd black woman or something. One guy even thought i was pretending to be someone else! I change with age. We all do. Plus I have been very ill for years and don't sleep well as well as smoke and drink wine a lot!
I am 33 and by some standards i am just a boyish looking fat Black woman.
But i am not really just Black persay.
Here is my history in the mix....

I was born on November 15th,1979 on a cold and blizzardly morning at 9:39 am Eastern(although I often put I was born December 15th instead).
I was born breech and via C-section with the embiblical cord around my feet. Seven pounds and fourteen ounces. Normal term.
I looked like a baby who is either from southern India,Berber of Africa,Blasian,or Australian aboriginal. My hair was jet black,full,and staight. I looked mostly indian to my mother,the indian nurse Miss Rasheen,and to others.
True some black babies are born this way,but those who are have mixed dna heritage or are Blasian.
The nurse from India fell in love with me and according to my mother,didnt want to let me go once holding me.
My mother saw and decided to give me a Hindu and Hebrew middle name.
It is Rani. Which means "song" or "queen".
She thought about Latin names too,and thought of singer Trini Lopez.
But looked in a baby book given to her and saw the French creole name Trinette.
Which means "little innocent".
Because my parents werent married yet,my mom originally gave me her last name Webster.
But quickly edited it to Johnson,which is my fathers last name.
So you're probley think i am Blasian right?
Nope. I am mostly Black and biracial with some Black Indian and pure African blood!
My father was born half black and half biracial.
His mother had pure African slave blood from Madagascarian family ties!
Yet her father later split up with his wife and got engaged again to a creole woman with Native and White blood. She birthed two girls with him with curly red hair. These are my aunts.
My fathers mother fell in love with a biracial preacher,who was like her bestfriend.
He was of African slave blood and White and Spanish. He was called just "colored".
My dad never knew this,but my grandma later revealed her feelings to him.
My dad was always lighter then his siblings,had curly hair,and sapphire eyes.
His supposed father was named Mose and he was a regular black man so it was said.
This may be but who knows,because my fathers sister Trevia also was born with curly hair and hazel eyes and she favors my dad and myself!
The other children she bore look more African or black.
Now my grandma also had sex with a White share cropter too. He left her his share of land,house,and animals. He had blue eyes. Could this be my grandpa? Maybe.
My aunt Callie Mae is on the Dawes list as a Cherokee.
Now,my mother also has biracial ties.
Her mother had two biracial parents. Half White,Black,and Chinese.
Her father was Black with Native and creole ties as well!
My mother's father was named Tyler or Phyler Webster and was said to be just "colored".
Stories from family say he too was biracial or creole. Others say he was a real Native man who looked half Black.
Looking at my mother,she looks biracial and Black Indians.
Now my mom also has real Black Indian ties too,because her grandma Nancy Wade is on the official Dawes row list of Freedmen as a Choctaw!
Now me i love my family history. I even give to biracial and Native kids.
I am truely biracial and Black Indian! My name is creole and Hindu,but I am at war with it.
I would like to change my middle name to Native. So,with the help of God and chief Eaglefeather of the website,I changed my name in 2005 to Little Redcub!
It isnt fully officially given yet in the naming ceremony Black indians have,but since my great aunt is official,I just did it in my heart and online.
I may be Trinette Rani Johnson or "Trin" ,but my real name is now Trinette Little Redcub Johnson.
I may change my first name too,but Trinette shows my biracial creole blood line. My birth certificate has no race listed for me at all. But I know what I am...human!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I am so sorry Sergio Cortes!

I just wanna say I am deeply sorry I insulted him here again.
I mean no disrespect,but I have a heavy heart.
I know I can't make someone love me,but I really care for him.
As a friend and more.
I support him. I have a US group and a fan page,as well as working on his official US website complete with a .com!
I can do it because my hearts in it.
So Sergio,if you read this just know to forgive me. I just felt unloved by your actions to me.

Is sex scary! Part Four snippet: Sins of the father part 1: Ghoulish family

*So I been sick,dealing with a spiritual crisis,and on holiday. But I am back and ready to give my readers part four of my story. This part is about our son and how he feels about his life as a ghoul,trapped in the mansion. Imagine you are a infant of four days then age into a thirteen year old! Imagine your dad is Maestro. And imagine you can't leave the mansion...ever!
Part two snippet will be released in three days. Stay put!*

Maestro held his infant son to him,as he sat by the fireplace.He wore his shirt open as he stretched back against the plush red velvet loveseat.
The child wore a long white gown with a ruffled collar and blue socks. His diaper was made of cloth and pinned with a large pin with a letter M on it. He was wrapped in a purple blanket with gold tassels.
Maestro rocked the child in his embrace and Miles yawned and closed his eyes.
I lay at their feet on the bear skin rug,wrapped in a old quilt I found upstairs in my new bedroom.
The fire was warm as I lay back and gazed up at the ceiling and crystal chandelier.
The old purplish candles about it were melted down and barely lit now,dimming the room.
Outside it was now no rain,but fair and mildly breezy. It was warm outside but cool and drafty inside. Maestro sung a lullaby then I never heard. It was soothing and beautiful.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A real life Maestro-like ordeal! *MUST READ*

What I am about to post may scare you.
I am serious,and this is not a joke. The person in question knows who he is or who they are even visiting this very blog!
Stop for a minute and imagine it is you in my shoes dealing with this very ordeal as you post!

Part one: I hear him and see him. So I am him?

It started after awhile. It has been three long years.
I can see him in visions,even as I awake. I can picture him here in my house!
I had dreams of him before and after his disappearance.
And lastly,I hear him everywhere I go. Even in bed and in the bath!
At times this spirit,this man if you will; gets mad and I feel pain in some places on my very body!
Cuts,pin pricks,itching,cold skin,jerking movements, nervous ticks,and even other spiritual and sexual connections. For just tonight about bait before posting,I said something spiritually to him,and felt something hurt my neck. Like it was being almost cut or made sore without it being such before. This man or being is very beautiful and looks like MJ from Ghosts or like a older version at times. Sometimes this being talks like the Devil himself.
Teasing,insulting our Lord,and making unholy statements about God calling him simply,"him-him".
And sometimes he pretends to be MJ himself back from hell! Making me terrified to even be a fan.
At times too this being makes me have visions of other things and makes my own spiritual self sound odd or masculine in sound. As if he is a puppeteer of my body and spirit.
One thing too is he insults me as if I were a fat boy,says I smell like male parts,and even calls me,"lost boy". He mentions his sons name is "Christoper". To which he also calls him too a lost boy.
He pretends to sound like my friends and family,and even shows images of them to me before my very eyes. Imagine him pretending to be Sergio Cortes Parra,and saying he is sorry once only to say later as you try to relax,that he is gonna cut your face up. Then you feel a cutting sensation by your left cheek! This happened today at 4 pm my time. No lie! I fear for my life.
This man or being is out to haunt me. Who he is? Well he says he is Daryl one minute,Satan the next,God the next,and then MJ! He even now says he is.....Maestro of Ghosts!
The pic below is Sergio as Maestro. The being claims he looks the same! I kid you not. (^。^)

Monday, December 10, 2012

MJ and Vodoo chief Baba! Also do you BeLIEve?

I know I shouldnt bring up old news but,since hearing things about MJ in my mind from either Mike's ghost or someone close to him. I been hearing all about Mike and the voodoo curse from this spiritual connection. One thing I heard is that although Vanity Fair,said that it was 42 cows used,it was said to me,that it was cows,babies,and even cats and Baba's own flesh used in the horrid ritual!
Mike bathed and was supposed to consume the blood for four hours in 2000 and paid out $170,000!
Mike did this for five years,not one. And wanted nearly 35 people killed! Spielberg and Geffen were just two. He also had Robin Williams on the list and his ex-friend Rabbi Schmuley Botech.
(Should've added his father Joe too mind you!)
Now this sounds bad enough,but imagine Mike alive and hiding cause of this ordeal as well. How bad is that?
Now imagine you are sick and throwing up bloody bile and there is blood in your urine!
Well my spiritual source,says that is how bad off Mike is.
And in my pass post I revealed that Mike is indeed alive with a photo he edited off his Facebook under MICHAEL JOSEPH BAMBI! He announced to us loyal BeLIEvers that he was sick and tired.
His recent post,says that again. Poor MJ. :(
So am I a BeLIEver? Indeed with all the info I have. This is no impersonator with nearly 2,000 friends and all and more on each profile,plus he is hiding and "playing" around as MICHAEL SHERMAN!
He blocks me on one and teases on another! 

Sergio Cortes Parra is acting out!

I'm trying to be nice and myself around him online. But he is ignoring me. He took me off my main Facebook where I had him as a friend. He just up and took me off without a goodbye. I didn't even hurt him. I found it weird. Also on my other account as an fallen angel to express my deeper feelings about angelican things,he added me. He was gonna take me off but I halted him by sending him a message. Sending him a warning and a love note. Since he still is distant to me. I feel like he cocky and snobbish. Intact the word he uses which is "parra" is a word in Spanish which means to be on a high horse or cocky. Why he uses it is obvious to his persona. Also it should be noted he doesn't have a girlfriend or a wife or even a lover. It even seems his so-called friends are not that close too. Also I keep hearing weird voices in my mind insulting him too. I wouldn't hurt him but my heart hurts. Every attemp I make to get closer to him just seems useless! So I am done. No more Sergio around me. Nothing. He is the worst MJ tributer in the world to me now!

Elena Romanenkova caught liking racist post and is a open lesbian!

So on I follow the would-be awesome MJ look-a-like Elena Romanenkova liking a fans racist comment to her! The fan is Mellissa Whitmore. She commented quote,"a nigger was here". Elena obviously is racist or thinks racist post or funny because she liked said comment! Also, I notice Elena is obviously out the closet about being a lesbian. She hides it,but is caught with women or her supposed girlfriend in many a photo. I am not anti-gay but just caught my attention to detail. No one else left bad comments but Mellissa and only her comment was liked! Below is the photo Elena took and both Mellissa and my comments.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Where to find me!

Hello all. So it seems I am hard to find online. Some don't think I'm famous,but I am. I even have my own site! To find me go to and type in Trinette Rani Johnson or Google me under Trinette Rani! I have no photos up much,so you won't find those. You will find my sites and profiles. Add me and sign my guest book on the site. Thanks!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

3T Bitchsquad and 3T forums!

Anyone remember them on Taj Jackson's site and 3T forums? Ritle tries to sing now in the Netherlands and has her own thing. The others have jobs and kids. Good thing right? Well,looking at my hits I see some of you from the UK. Anyone know these women? They hurt me from 2006 to 2008. They tried to exploit me and ruin Taj with lies. They teamed up with a guy named Brian on 3T Fan Forum and all to hurt us both. I had to get into Taj's info before Brian and warn him,because this guy was gonna hack him and say I did it. I am no hacker. I am just a Apple user and computer geek. They created blogs to exploit me on too and followed me online. I haunted. Now six years later,I've been thru a lot of mental pressure. I won't bring it up,but it ain't pretty. Job wise,I get money and am an affiliate of a music supplier. So I get access to all kinds of hit music.
But I am still torn by what these "fans" did to me.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Get well soon MJ!

I hope I didn't hurt your feelings sweetie. I know you we're sick. Get well soon. *hugs*

Sorry to all!

Seriously mean no disrespect here to MJ or his family or fans. I am just getting a lot off my chest,telling you what I know,and just...hmmm....Idk. If you hate me or my words....I am sorry. Forgive me. I forgive you! :)   (^_^)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My friend Serena: Fan of the month!

She is really cool and from the Ukraine. She is biracial and a MJ fan.
Also,here is her pic....

Look like MJ when he was in OFF THE WALL much? She does to me. :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

My son tirai

I had him intro vitro. His dad isn't mike,but myself. He is like a clone. I love him. ;-)

Monday, October 15, 2012

sick and not well

i have been very ill these last few weeks. nausea,vomiting,shaking,and voices. couldnt make things worst,i now have the flu.i am on bed rest.feeling like crap and updating from my phone. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stories moving to and DeviantArt!

Yes,I am gonna move the good ones from here and the sister blog here: to and my account on Yes new works will be here of course.
Let me know what you think in comments.  

Is Sex Scary? Maestro/MJ erotic fic part 2: snippet

Note: This is very erotic and not for children under 18! If you are under 18,I advise you to skip this post ASAP!

Part 2: Lets make shadow figures!  (snippet) 

More than three months went by and me and Maestro crept around in secret sharing our love.
Making love in all the old bedrooms for nights on end we did while ghouls watched nearby.
The sound of winter creeping in and chilling the halls as candles danced to their rhythm.
In our new bedroom which is where most guest stayed before, we laid naked in each others arms by a warming fire that crackled in my ear.
"Mmm,Maestro I cant get enough of you",I purred as I kissed his broad shoulder.
Maestro chuckled in his throat and snuggled me in his arms. He tickled my stomach and moved lower kissing me between my legs and blowing a little bit of air there on my opened labia to tease me after.
"Stop you naughty boy!"
Maestro rolled his eyes and licked his lips,before taking a finger,licking it,and easing it slowing into me.
My eyes went big,then snappped shut as I cooed like a baby for him to stop.
He pushed it in and out gently,then rubbed his thumb over my clit.
I bit my lib sharply almost biting my tongue and ran my hands thru his hair,holding his head to my wet lips below.
Our shadows appeared on the nearby wall as we went at it again and again.
And then other shapes and laughter. I froze in Maestro's arms shaking abit.
"Maestro? I...I dont think we are alone in here..."
Maestro chuckled.
"Maybe not but dont pay it no mind. I'll protect you."
Maestro wrapped his shirt around us,as the only blanket was still on the tassled bed we lay in.

Stay tuned for more of part 2!

Congrats to TJ of 3T!

TJ aka Tito Joe Jackson of the 1995 group 3T,gets co-custody of MJ's three kids along with his own son Royale.
I think they made a perfect choice,as TJ is young and has been very supportive.
What do you all think?
More info here:

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My "MJ Schizoprenia": 3 years of hearing MJ in my head!

I've mentioned this before. Not so clearly or nicely,but in a bad way.
This time,I'll explain it in more detail and nicer.
It all started a few days after Michael was said to have died of cardiac arrest or acute over dose of Propofol in June of 2009. It was around the 27th to 29th,that I decided I'd ask God himself for access to Michael's supposed dead soul to keep forever with me.
Sure,I know you are not supposed to ask God for someone's soul. Let alone if they may be alive and faking their death. But that is what I did. I used God's names in a quiet prayer-like seance that night.
I asked God to let me "hear him",and be close to him and have his soul forever! I told God I was telepathic still since birth and could hear voices since birth. True I could then,but not in the way he made it happen. I prayed not aloud,but to myself and in my head. Shortly after doing this all,I heard a voice like MJ's own along with another in my mind over my thoughts. He seemed shy and didnt want to talk to me then,so the other voice talked more. Not sure who this other voice was at first. They assumed to be a guy from my government housing community at first. A guy named simply "Dre".
Then he took on the name of "Brandon". He said he was a fan who was also telepathic at first.
Then he turned around and said he was the devil himself,and like a watcher of Michael. That Michael was between heaven and hell and he came to bring Michael closer to me.
The two knew alot about Michael when I asked them questions. For a few days this other voice teased with MJ's own voice and even stayed around to listen in so to speak.
A week or two passed and soon it was just MJ's voice I heard alone and very prominent in my mind.
I'd laugh at him joking with me outloud,and my mom thought I was making fun of her or loosing it.
I couldnt hardly hear my own thoughts over hearing MJ.
He'd tease and joke around about me and what I did. Other times he'd stay dumb things randomly.
It got so weird over the weeks that followed. I'd pray for God to reverse it,and this MJ in my head would say he'd take it away. Sometimes I'd get weird pains in my head,like someone messing with my brain itself! Weeks passed and when mid day came,I'd crack up laughing at this person in my head.  Weeks passed and I started seeing vision using my new ability. Literally seeing MJ once hanging on a cross,getting tortured! Other time seeing MJ dancing on stage after feeling my head open up so to speak. I have no idea what this spirit or spirits did,but according to them they just mad my "mind work better". Now this isnt regular psychosis. It feels like telepathicness with side effects in real time. Effects like pins and needles in my hands,pain on my scalp and in my head,and feelings like someone cutting or placing things on my back and around my neck.
A voice would tease saying he's the devil again trying to take me away.
Other times MJ's own voice or mine,would tease saying they too wanted to take me away.
I dont know why they say or do these things.
Also they'd say they see everything. Even me in the shower! No privacy is how I felt.
Only time they were quiet was when I slept or randomly for short periods of time.
And oddly enough,even my mother said she heard MJ talk aloud in my bedroom while I heard him talking away in my head at the ward! 
By the start of 2010,I knew I had to get help and soon. End of 2009,I started going to hospital psyc wards like crazy to get meds and help. Praying wasnt helping much.
During MJ's THIS IS IT,I stayed at the local General Hospital psyc ward in late 2010.
I even asked nuns and priest to pray over me in the wards. Nothing helped.
I'd try to explain how it felt to others,but to get admitted I had to lie and say I was suicidal.
Once I gave blood at Christ Hospital,and these voices blasphomed God the whole time I was giving blood at a Catholic setting!
Another time I went,I had to look at a cross all night in my mind,and started talkinng like I was inflicted by a evil spirit.
I started saying I hated God and everything in my mind.
So a day later,I vomited badly and re-admitted to the hospital. 
Once admitted I'd try to stay calm and not hear anything. 
Being admitted was the only thing to help me abit. Sadly the voices followed me there too!
I'd beg for meds that didnt help at all,and I started to think that being at home was as bad as being in the psyc wards. Nothing helped make it go away. I was literally hearing MJ while not supposed too.
By 2011-2012 right now I'd been in about three different hospital psyc wards,and about eight times altogether. Last I went was August 12th,2012! 
Sometimes the voices get loud and blend together over my thoughts so bad,I start to loose my mind. I become almost unable to talk or even see straight. I shake and tremble and my eyes cross. These horrid effects came and went from 2011 to early 2012.  Late 2011,I was started to feel good and not hear the voices. That was until I did a prayer for MJ to "go back to being his old self with Jesus' blessings". It came roaring back these weird voices! A demonic voice like MJ in Ghosts. I'll tell you whatever I did to call the devil instead of MJ,I'll never do it again! And As I said it seems very evil and not at all good this condition. What about meds you ask? Well I've been on lots. Here is the lists:


Some of these MJ was said to have taken himself. This is why I believe I have somehow tapped into Mj's bad spiritual side. Or awakened something dark and sinister within myself that is mimicking MJ.
Please comment and tell me what you think. :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MJ's birthday is coming! Are you ready?

I'm ready. I'm gonna wear my Smooth Criminal fedora and rhinestone glove.
I'm gonna eat some KFC,and chew some Big Red! 
Every year I light a candle as well.
Here's video from last year...

I know my voice sounds nasal and I have that accent but it was special for me.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My friend Kaden Mikey!

Note: Sorry haven't been posting in awhile. Been in the hospital for my condition for 3 days.
Also,I have nerve damage in my left hand now. It's hard to type. :(

Prince Kaden Michael Jackson is a dear friend of mine offline. I totally enjoy our chats on the phone.
He is so cute as MJ sometimes.
That's him in the pic in his best impersonation ever.
Good huh? 
Below is him with a lolipop. <3

Kaden used to be my best friend on Facebook,but there are sad things that broke us up.
I won't rant. 
I still love him though. :) 
Kaden is 25,Sagitarius,and from California.
Kaden if around here,know that I love you deeply baby. Kisses! 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Off topic: Use OS X 10.4.11 in your browser!

For those of you using WINDOWS,but want to now why I used a Mac to run and edit this blog here is your chance to find out!
I use Mac OS X 10.4.11 exclusively on my eMac and both of my iBooks from Apple.
I also use Mac OS X 10.4.2 Server on my Powermac G4!
Now thanks to my good friend,you can use Mac OS X 10.4.11,Safari 2 and Mail in your browser.
Itis as close to using a real Mac as you can get!
Just go here:

MJ Impersonator of the month!

Yes,new feature here. Each month I will post about a friend of mine,who is a dedicated MJ impersonator! I know about 12,so if you know more just send me an email to:
Now then this months feature is a guy I talk to randomly on Facebook, and have a crush on.
Who? Congrats to Maxx Vega! :D

View his official page here:

'Like' him on Facebook:

Follow his tweets:

Add his private Facebook for friends:

I love you Maxx. All my love and congrats! <3

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Site Update!

I have added some html goodies here and even switched to a new faster isp!
Look to your right of the page,is the new MJ Tunes mini radio player as well as a widget to play the remix of DON'T BE MESSIN 'ROUND and SLAVE TO THE RHYTHM! 
Use Google Chrome browser? Well,there is a haxie I added that will make it look like smoke when you  come by using that browser!
Wanna follow my tweets? Now you can right here. MJ Perv Nation's tweets also can be seen.
Can you see the new MJ glove cursor I added? It only works on Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7,but may work on Mac OS X 10.4.11 with Safari 4 too! I support PowerPC!
As I said ,I have a new ISP. I now use NETZERO 4G WIFI!
Want to contact me? Send an email to: 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Over 2 million page hits!

Yay! I can't believe those results.  2,22,39 page hits since I made the blog just three years ago!
I couldn't have done it without you. I love you guys! :D
Coming soon is part 4 and 5 of IS SEX SCARY(Maestro/MJ erotic story),part 2 of DARE ME!,and as promised pics of me at Westin Hotel with a cupcake for Sergio's 41st b-day!
Yeah,I couldnt go today. I am going Friday morning. I'll save you a huge chocolate chip cookie from Ingredients.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sergio Cortes Parra's 41st b-day party online/offline!


TO SERGIO: Te amo sergio! Es triste que me quitó tus amigos en Me dolió! Todo lo que eres para mí. Usted tiene que entender. No amo a cualquiera! Usted es querido a mi corazón, e incluso si usted no se siente lo mismo ... sigo siendo el anhelo de tu amor. Lo siento, simplemente no puede un no por respuesta de usted.

Everyone welcome to the online birthday party of Sergio Cortes Parra!
I am the hostess.
And here is where you all are celebrating at...

This is where I really live,and as the hostess I chose here out of all over the city. :)
I have booked all out of state and country  visitors a room here for the week!
Including the man himself,Sergio.
Here is my hotel room...(I actually DO stay here and visit a lot with my mother in real life!)

There is many great rooms here.
Studio,queen, Fountain view,and workout rooms!
Only the best for my speacial guest!
Have a seat. The party has just begun!
Want a cupcake? Ingrediants...some assembly required is our food/drink speacialist,and all goodies are on us! 

Now then...let us sing Sergio a happy birthday!
*sings Happy Birthday to Sergio*
Tomarrow I will be at the hotel lobby in real life and at Ingredients with my mother for a short time.
I will be buying a real cupcake and may take some pics of us actually there!
Stay tuned...

One last thing....

I always imagine my soulmate would be near me from afar. A visitor here!
Watching,waiting,learning,reading my thoughts.
Not a stalker,but close. He/she would understand.
He/she would be wanting me. And...
I doubt this person is out there. ARE YOU? WHO ARE YOU? COMMENT! 

My bleeding and broken black heart! :( *warning it's very sad to read*

I am so sad and lonely and broken inside.
My mom said horrid things about me and MJ and guys who favor him.
Things that made me slit my wrist today!
She said,"he dont want you or love you. He loves white women with money! He'd look down on you cause you are uneducated,poor,fat,ugly,and lazy. And yes those other guys(Sergio,Pablo,Kaden Mikey,ect) too arent your friends or lovers. They dont care about you! Pray and ask God to find you a real man like I did Woody(my dad). Woody was a nice man. Biracial. I don't know about MJ and those guys you like. He wanted to be white. He got that from his father. And I believe he is dead. He hated himself anyway. And those guys you like think they are important."
You see now? I havent been sleeping either,and I been randomly horny but have no man in my life or woman. I have no offline friends! And my family is distant. Dying and old. I have my mother but,I cursed her out and dont wanna talk to her anymore.
I barely have anyone I CAN talk to! This is hell! I feel like I lost the will to live now.
I have nothing!
No friends,no lovers,no mother,no father,no money,no job,no car,no house...
I dont exsist on this planet! Who am I? I dont hate myself. I dont love myself either.
Her she right? It seems that way.
Also awhile back she spoke painful things to me.
I dont love her anymore! She says I use her money on junk I dont need,and other shit. I am sick of her!
Why can't I be happy? Why can't I have him and those guys? Why can't I have a friend got damn it?
And to hell with those "nice people" saying things like,"Trin you'll find someone who will love you I assure you",and worst, "there is someone for everyone and plenty of fish in the sea".
Fuck you! You say that cause you already been blessed to have friends,money,a job,sex,ect. You don't know me! Go away!
Amen to those tho who say I have Jesus. I do. I have my Fathers love.
I wish lord,I wish that one of MJ's look-a-likes would...tell me here that they love me...
*plays with a katana*
I wish Meastro was real like in my dream. Come take me away! I am not scared of you. I'm scared of me. I am undead too.
I am so bad off and pitiful I can't even kill myself! :(
What? What reason is keeping me from dying? Why am I still breathing just to suffer and watch others suffer and others strive? Huh? Why?
Holding this sword I feel worst.
And I am watching his videos again silly me. No not MJ ,but Pablo my crush.
In a toy store he is dressed like MJ and looking for toys at 12 am!
I want HIM as a toy lord. Why can't I have him? Is the toy priceless or worthless?
Is his tree good fruit or bad fruit?
I'd sell my soul to the devil for one night with him! One!
And there is Sergio Cortes Parra. He took me off as a friend. Off! Must lost his mind. He says he wants balanced people around him.
Balanced? My ability is imperfect as a fallen angel,but I can stand on one hand while being over 300 pounds! I am also even tempered. How is that for balanced?
Happy 41 too btw Mr.Sergio.  July 30th is his day. Never will forget his birthday,but to hell with my own.
I love him so much,I remember everything he ever said to me and hold it to my two hearts.
Lord again why not him? Leo and Scorpio DO mix!  A metal pig and a earth goat MIX! Spanish and Blasian baby how gorgeous is that baby in my womb?
I'll never know.
Kaden Mikey. Sexy bisexual Sagitarius son of a gun! My God he is hot in some of his pics. *drools thinking of him like that naked on me*
But he is more gay than bisexual now. Men are on his all you can eat buffet.
But he is still closer than the other crushes. Sweet he is sweet.
Always in my hearts!
But God took him away too from my wedding ring I had to steal to own!
Fuck it.
A girl can wish for that good dick he got tho. Amen!
Gleidson Jackson Rodrigues. So damn sexy he is. I love latin men. Muy caliente!
He is abit young and all,but I can play mommy.
He looks like Blanket and MJ. His name sounds preppy. Gleidson.
Shit wont talk to me for even a New York minute!
Must be speechless.
Michael Savachancing. Please lord tell me this nigga aint MJ?
Maybe he is Peter pan PYT. Or maybe he is M? You dont wanna fuck with M's cloned ass.
Naw. Michael Savachancing(Brittany Spermeya to me) is well someone in the dark.
I don't wanna remember all his phone calls,his voice saying my name sweetly like MJ,his lusty teasings,his ghetto drama,ect. I dont wanna feel anything for him anymore.
Nigga hate this blog and dont wanna be my friend anymore.
Block this,block that. Block his whole life away!
Nigga really my soulmate but too retarded to wake up from his nightmares. Literally!
I swear nigga gotta be MJ. That singing on the phone thing was perfect.
And his dirty mouth. Ha ha. Perfect.
Hey Michael Savachancing,want a 7th child? Ass better lay pipe like you a good plumber.
Again tho lord you trippin. Can't have him either. Or can I?
We shall see.
Michael Kiss.
Uhm dont tell me to take this post off cause I said your name.
I'm tired.
You need to hear me out ok?
I like you. You are sexy as MJ.
I dont care if you are white. You are a great catch. I'll just be honest.
Thanks for visiting ok?
Sorry that I am loosing it.
And yeah I know some of ya'll lurk here too I just named. Now you know how I REALLY feel.
I hate being big and black. I have biracial blood and blasian,but I hate it.
What good is this neck length raven curly/kiny hair to you all? Or my dark brown almond eyes? Or what is between my ample thighs?
Ladies and gents....this may be my last post here. I don't know anymore.
Goodnight and good bye all...

Monday, July 30, 2012

Cappin' on MJ for huge hater-like laughs!


This is for Michael Savachancing on who say he is MJ alive but hates my guts and blocks my accounts! Eat this you shit licker! 

Mikey is so white as a man,that as the mayor he turned black again. "I'm the maya!"

Mikes hair was so fuckin nappy before,it took years and years of perms and scalp graphs to get his hair as beautiful looking and curly as mine. Oh wait,I am blasian. He just a nigga.

By age 43 MJ looked like a Spanish male stripper,and his own fans and impersonators so much,some thought they were him! Hello there Sergio Cortes,Carlo Riley,Earnest Valentino, Pablo aka Sofurgofromashes on Youtube, and Christian Jackson!  All are latin sexy men!

MJ was so odd,that when he got all that plastic surgery,he told the stafff "make me look normal".

At 48 and 46,MJ looked like an extra from PLANET OF THE APES!

Mike doesn't like sex with black men or women,he'd rather have sex with Mac Culken or Lisa Marie by just eye fuckin em real hard in their undies and wagging his finger!

MJ had 50 calendars of babies in diapers and kids in swimwear. Hello child porn alert!

Mike hated fat kids and lil girls so much,he'd kick em outta Neverland so fast,they turned into skinny lil boys!

MJ thinks he is Peter Pan,but really he is more like Snow White,the fairest one of all by any standards!

Mike grins so wide sometimes,he looks worst than The Joker on crack!

MJ images he is humping his younger self when he crotch grabs and thrusts his hips so sexy.

Any normal woman would fuck Mike and get pregnant,but Lisa Marie just gave Mike a hand job while he wore his makeup all the time, and cooed at Mac Culken and other boys and babies then came in a cup for having a test tube baby named Paris Jackson and Prince later!

Mj wore enough makeup that when he took it off he looked like the Crypt Keeper taking a shit.

I'd love to fuck MJ and be his DIRTY DIANA. Oh wait I'm black and not looked at as attractive to this man,unless I bleach my skin as white as him and loose a million pounds of fat.

Mike Jr? Mikegasms? Fuck that I'd rather rape Janet and Latoya and say I'm a lesbian.

Why is it his dick looks good only in gold pants anyway? Hell shit nigga leave them on forever and go back to 1983 and stay there so we bitches can really cream our panties!  Dis is Thriller!

Mike in glasses is Mr. Magoo? Hell to the no. Nigga think he look like an old English man in a monicle!

MJ said Blankets mother was black right? Truth is she is the same ugly Norwegian woman who is Omer Bhatti's mother too! Norwegians are black? I must be an Asian now!  Ching Chang Bak!

I am black with good hair,he should've had me as Blankets mother. I am "blasian" and wanted a test tube baby!

Debbie Rowe was so desperate for sexual attention,she masturbated to MJ's pics while being impregnated by a turkey baster,and lied and said she had regular sex.

MJ loves white women so much,his bodyguards would stay quiet,while in the limo 10 would masturbate to MJ in his underwear chewing Big Red!

This Is It,has so many frame shots of MJ looking different,that he looks like an latin impersonator every time. Actually MJ had plastic surgery with every shot and now looks like a sac of scar tissue instead of a man.

Michael Savachancing aka MJ on hates me madly and doesnt wanna be my friend anymore,after trying to fuck me white and have his 7th child. Hey you nigga,try harder you can do it. Yes you can!

At the 02 arena MJ was himself not E'Casanova like some think. You can tell cause one is really sexy and black and the other is a white pedo with rubber nose!

MJ was said to be so scared of sex,he couldnt cum in a cup while looking even at a lil boy dick which he loves to make his own black and Jewish children. So he called up  black impersonator friends who did it for a dollar and some Jesus Juice!

Mj loved KFC in private and thought taking the skin off made it organic. No it just makes it skinless and white meat. Of course he had to love white meat over dark.

MJ said he liked being black and that black music created all the rest,all while being a white nigga who hated Sony and the media.

Mikes semen is blacker than his face!

MJ claimed to have vitiligo and then Lupus. Understood,but what about all the surgery done every year? Oh that? It's called BDD!

During the later eras MJ made it seem he was ill and throwing up even in a public mall for show. He was said to have thrown up pizza against a stores glass window. Really a fan did it and they used it for show. Later,MJ did throw up his juice he drunk on set of This Is It. He barely made it to the toilet.
What he was thinking that made him so sick? His own tiny black dick in a woman that's what!

I always wondered why Mike wears sunglasses and a Fedora all the time. Well,it's cause he thinks he is in the Italian mafia and a gangster from 1929.

It was said MJ had a bad lung disease. Yes he tried smoking good grand daddy purple weed and it collpased his lung!

MJ was said to be hard to sleep and had insomnia bad. Funny I have it too and when awake so long I feel like I am going insane. He doesnt though does he? Oh wait,he's a pedo that is crazy enough.

Mike was said to have a hate list of people,and on it is mostly Jews. Oh yeah,Jesus is on there too cause MJ is Satan and a anti-semetic.

MJ was said to have went to a far away island,met a shaman,drunk blood,and chanted over a few famous Jews he knew and hated wanting them dead. One was Spielberg. I know why he hated him Close Encounters of the MJ kind! *hears 5 notes always and wants to die*

Mike said he was married to his fans. Uhm...Mike I want a devorce and I want some money. I dont love you anymore! :(

MJ had a giving tree which the idea came from one of his fave books which is also mine,THE GIVING TREE! Now I hate that book.

Mike was said to love to pee in cups and cans infront of people and thought it funny.
Hey Mike I'll give you money to pee on me like R.KELLY loves golden showers.
Now that is funny!

Mike danced in the car to R.KELLY's Ignition remix. He is so ghetto wow. *eye roll*

Mike loved loafers so much he'd wear em to bed. He is the only nigga who loves such a shoe. Most love gym shoes and regular kicks. How nerdy is MJ?

MJ was said to have had alot of women and loved to talk to prostitutes when he was black. He was even engaged to a black woman. Sadly God made him white and he had alot of little boys later.

Mj's kids are not his even if they look biracial. His sperm was so mutated from all the drugs and the starvation he did,only one could even swim in a vagina backwards before dying off!

Blanket looks like MJ in DANGEROUS era and J5 era. Lets hope when he is grown he acts more black and makes lil cute niggas with a real woman!

Just because MJ was around beautiful women doesn't mean he had sex with them. He wasn't gay he was a pedo and Asexual!  Gay is too good for him!

The love and all MJ sings about,is his desire to rape and love all little boys around the world!

MJ wore a golden leo thong. What  in his mind while wearing it? "I'm a sexy woman in a mans body!"

MJ looks better and worst than most black women at any age. He is the sexiest black man/woman in HIStory!

MJ wanted to look and act like Peter Pan forever. Sadly Peter Pan is a white 9 year old faerie boy  cartoon and not real otherwise MJ would rape him every second!

MJ has more haters than fans,but when he died us haters became fans,and the fans became worst. We mated and now the world is insane for this white,skinny woman who moonwalked into hell!

I am no hater or a dedicated fan. I just am a perv who wishes MJ was normal and would fuck me like a man.

If MJ and I had a baby it would still be blacker than him even when he was cute black boy!

Let us hope lil Blanket Jackson is the real black MJ we all need while looking as hot as MJ did before he fucked up everything! Amen!

Paris looks like her mother Debbie Rowe and a little like her other mom MJ before he died!

MJ secretly liked to pee siting down with his dick in a cup. He'd imagine he was a woman.

MJ once called me and said he had a boner and wanted to fuck me whiter than him. I hung up the phone,cause it really was Carlo Riley trying to get laid!

I had a dream Maestro came out of  hell itself,let me suck his big cock,took my virginity,then stalked me. Better him than MJ forreal right ladies? Right!

I had a dream Blanket looked like MJ from Scream at age 22. He fucked me twice,came on my face,slapped me,and called me daddy! :P

Blanket is the real MJ. MJ was never born. That is all!

Paris looks like a lil white nerdy girl lost in time who was told her daddy is black but really he is white and not a daddy but a mommy!

I heard MJ told his kids to call him mommy,but instead they called him daddy once they saw his dick.
He even tried to get them to kiss him on the lips and sit on his lap even when he had a boner!

"Would you like a spotted dick?" MJ sounded like Harry Potter and Ron trying to be naughty. Truth is said dick was so spotted and deformed he had it removed after Prince was born.

Whats sticking out so in MJ's gold pants that turns us females on? Oh just some old glitter gloves and white socks. STUFF EM DOWN YOUR PANTS MAKES YOU LOOK ERECT,WHILE YOUR DICK IS ONLY 1 INCHES LONG!

MJ was 122 pounds at death. He was pale and thin as a grey alien. Biggest thing on him was suposedly his dick which was like a horses and even limp hung to his knees! Truth? it was only 1 inches long,spotted,shriveled,bent,and barely long even to go in a boys ass!

Mike said he was the loneliest man in history,all while having fans ,animals,children,and family around. Lonely? More like desperate and deranged!
He should know how lonely I am. Friendless is my name!  And he'd have dolls and manuquins in his room and bed to talk to!

It was said MJ donated sperm to 200 sperm banks around the world for years until he died, as a labour of love and to get money. Really? Let me go to one then and make another BLANKET! Woo!

MJ never has the same face twice if you pay attention fans like I do. MJ changed with every era!

MJ was said to shave off and collect his own pubic hair to put cosmatically on his face randomly to look more like a man. Worst case was a little before he died. He tried it off and on from age 45 to age 49! He had a full side burns meets thick growing goatee action going on for a New York minute! Sexy? More like sickining! MJ can't figure out rather to be manly man or feminine!

Michael Savachancing on may be MJ at his best,cause now he is ghetto ladies! Broke,Swears,sells drugs,likes lil girls and women,is sick,can't dance anymore,has asthma,loves Pepsi,loves Mc Donalds,sings like an angel,and is a total pervert for sex and desperate to get laid and have a "black" baby! Wooo! God is working on MJ huh? Come on! Hey Mikey,cum on and get it daddy why this pussy is wet for that lil spotted dick!

The guys who look like MJ are giving me hell too lord. Ugh! Send em all to hell please!

MJ fans are all mostly white women and girls,who seem to think feminine men are sexy. Tell that to MJ,he thinks he is a woman acting like a man!

Thank God MJ didnt drop poor sweet Blanket when he dangled him over the balcony that day.
Because there goes the real MJ's life forever!

Let us pray that Blanket loves all black women. Otherwise we might as well start the mass murder now lord.

I am a fan ok? But with me I like a very few eras,and I imagine MJ being black and naughty and sweet and loving. A gentleman and a total pervert for pussy! Who says that aint perfect for  him?

Face it MJ was desperate to renew his life in the media and have kids quickly. So first came Lisa who he thought was just as bad off and an ideal "white woman". Thankfully God cursed that relationship to hell twice over. Next came Debbie Rowe. And finally he found a Jewish desperate  bbw hag to impregnant with his so-called super sperm to make lil half-breed nigga gibbons. God still loved him enough to let him have normal offspring with that twisted dna of his and 1 inch cock. Oh joy!

Prince Michael is just like his daddy in his mind. No black girls or fat girls allowed unless rich!

Paris is just like her mommy Debbie. Money matters!

We MJ pervs who are black are a rare breed of human. We are so rare in the world we should breed with each other and start a country and call it OFF THE WALL!

We fans are really better off imaging fucking an impersonator than we are fucking MJ. Really!

MJ female fans are so retarded,they think his dick is 11 to 13 inches long when hard,when in most his pants you cant even tell nigga has a dick at all unless those gold pants pics they took sometimes ain't Photoshopped by a perverted editor staff to make it 50 times bigger. Dont tell me I am tripping.
Hard to hide good dick in tight pants unless you wear your dick taped to your thigh and tight undies.

Michael joseph Bambi on says he is the real MJ,but speaks mostly French. He is quiet and shy and multi-lingual. Even if a poser he is shaper than MJ as Michael Savachancing with his tiny brain,dick,and big mouth!

MJ sounds like Mr. Hankey the x-mas poop to me when he talks. Howdy Ho?

E'casanova is the real BAD era MJ stuck in time cause God loves  Mike black and sexy!

Latino impersonators of MJ are the worst in my eyes,because it's tons of em and they all look like those eras(DANGEROUS/HISTORY/INVINCIBLE I adore,while acting racist to black women worst than MJ himself in those eras! *cough* Pablo is one,Sergio is one,and Carlo is one!

Mj was said to have an iphone 4s,an ipod touch,and several phones from Virgin Mobile! Really?
That is my carrier and were I once worked!  I owned a few Virgin Mobile cells too and still do.

Random GHOSTS rambles!

I hope you all enjoy my works here and on my poetry site as well as my roles on Facebook as Maestro,Miles,Mayor,and MJ himself! It's tiring but worth it. I been a writer of such things for 10 years!
I am watching GHOSTS again on Youtube in HQ 720p. Just for more inspiration.
My older ibook g4 can't stream fast in that quality and it freezes alot,but on my cousins Mac Pro it is perfect.
I want screenshots of the mansion and the ghouls when they show them as demonic.
I noticed they have like a net like covering on their face from the start too. Anyone notice?
One ghoul as it on his left side  of his face even as a demonic looking ghoul with a monicle on!
And the jester too as one on his face.
And like I wrote in the story and my role,Maestro shouts and jesters alot to control his family of ghouls. He even snaps his finger and they obey! Wow. Also I noticed his family look like Victorian age ghouls and Brittish men in knickers and such except for the jester and the harlequin who claps and smiles in one scene. And even Maestro himself wears a white ruffled Victorian-styled shirt like a old rich count or a wealthy prince. Now the house looks like a grave yard too.
And almost the hold house is dark and covered in cobwebs. Even the dance hall if you look well,has cobwebs on candels,books,a piano,a window,two large statues of of knights in armour,and a weird old clock covered in cobwebs too. And the stairs is the same from....STEVEN KING'S ROSE RED!
Infact the mansion could be the same too. I love ROSE RED.
Also,did you notice the film shifts from black and white,to color and back again?
And that when Maestro cocks his left eyebrow he has a tear in his eye?
Mikey also would say "maya" instead of mayor. LOL
And I captured Maestro sarcasticness perfect in my story and my role. I am proud.
Here is how me and him would be tho....
"Oh really? No next time huh? Why is that?"
Rolls eyes at Maestro.
Freaky boy! Circus freak! LOL
"Is this scary? Urrrrgh!"
Mae Mae....
Maestro cocks an eye at me.
"I tell you what,we play a game. Hello? Game time! Anyone here like games? First person to get scared,has to leave."
Maestro rolls eyes at me again.
"He he. Didnt I tell ya I'm not alone. Meet the family!"
No I dont wanna!
"You are trying to scare me. Hmp,I guess I'll just have to try and scare you."
Yeah right.
You don't scare me Mae Mae.
"I guess I'll have to try harder."
Sings...There's a bad moon out tonight!
"Dont you kids like it when I do my little...."
LOL Pedo.
"You're right I do like scaring people,but it's just for fun."
Uhm leave the mansion more Maestro.
"Going somewhere? hello? He he. It's too late! You're my guest. And didn't I tell ya I'm not alone?"
Are too alone you creepy son of a gun!
"Do you want me to leave?"
"Fine! I'll go."
Maestro snaps a finger.
Does the same and laughs.
"Scared yet? He he!"
I gotta pee!
"So did we have fun here?! Hello?"
Uhm I just came! You are so sexy!
Hey Maestro. Is this scary? Turns white with black eyes and blue hair.
Maestro makes a face like okay then wow.
Makes a face like puppy dog.
Maestro dances around the dance floor with his family.
Moonwalks butt naked by him.
Maestro folds his arms loudly over his shoulders and dust flies around.
Maestro does the dance called HOOK N SINKER.
Maestro makes a smoking jester and a puff of vapour comes out his mouth.
Haha. Smokes a e-cig and a vapour shoots out my nose.
Maestro sings 2 BAD.
Maestro pulls off his skin untill he is a skeleton.
Pulls all my clothes off.
Who you calling a ho Maestro?
Sees little teen boy say "is this scary?"
No put me in a closet with Maestro that's scary! LOL
Maestro makes his ghouls float off the ceiling.
Gets mad and bounces off the walls.
Maestro makes his funny faces.
I yawn.

Maestro is like a sentouki in the anime/manga from Japan called LOVELESS. Where with his hands and words he can do spells! Infact,if he were in LOVELESS,he'd be named Spiritless or Shameless.
Me? I am a gisei or sacrifice and my name is Friendless.

I love Mikey's voice as the mayor and when he gets mad as Maestro.
Ohh momma is his voice hot! Normally he talks kinda like a girl and preppy teen boy. LOL
Creepy as hell he can growl deep too like a demon or something.
Yep that is real,not an edit!
Also Mikey looks kinda filled out and bigger than he did in Thriller  in the 80's when I was 4 and even in Scream and Remember The Time a bit down the road in the same era.
Beefier Mikey? He even kinda has a little tummy.
And I love his hair here to. Looks like mine but mine is not permed it's natural.
Also I find it funny the ghouls can do anything Maestro makes them do but normally nothing on their own.
Like he is the Maestro of all ghosts and ghouls get it? Not a maestro of music,which is what one would be. A maestro is a term for a pro musician or someone like music man in a huge band.
Hit it maestro! Get it?
Maestro or The Maestro in Ghosts does sing and dance with his ghouls but his actual identity as a maestro of music is unknown to all. It just seems that Mikey being a pro musician in real life would be called The Maestro!
Infact,that is what the whole mini movie is about. Mikey aka The Maestro,who lives at Neverland aka Someplace Else and was said to be a pedo,a freaky man,a circus freak,and a monster.
The mayor aka Thomas Sneddon wanted him put away after a boy said Mikey touched his dick and kissed him and showed him porn.
And the town of Normal Valley aka the world/media outlet didnt know what to think.
They didnt want to hurt him,but they didnt want him in town.
Yet children loved Mikey still atleast some children do anyway.
Sadly now The Maestro is "dead" to Normal Valley in real life.
Mayor still thinks he is a freaky boy! LOL
And some like mayor in town think even worst!
But The Maestro left his ghouls behind aka us beLIEvers and close fans he called family!
Good morning! Ohayo gozimasou!  :)

Is sex scary? Maestro/MJ erotic fic! Part 3: Be my ghoul!


Intro: I decided to skip part 2 for now and get to the more scary/dark magical aspects of both me and Maestro as a power couple.
Here I reveal the new mayor,Maestro's past,his "family",and more. :)
 Also reveal to those people on my Facebook,how our son Miles came to be! 
Finally I capture Maestro's deep dark side as a devilish ghoul as well as reveal my own real life(yep I am very special) abilities in his world! Enjoy! 
A special thanks to those visiting from the UK and European areas. I love you guys! :D
A special thanks to Taj Jackson of 3T,and MJ himself for the inspiration! :)


Almost a year went by,and me and Maestro couldnt keep our hands off each other.
We made love three times a day for weeks,and slept in each others arms.
When we grew tired of the large bed,we moved to the floor. And from the floor to the chair,and from the chair to against the walls! Not a care of what may come from it,we just acted on our impulses.
But too much of a good thing is bad right? Indeed. Soon he grew distant and seemed to worry more and more. He'd walk back and fourth thru-out the mansion with a anxious pace.
When I tried to stop him he just shook his head and held his chin in his palm.
"Maestro? Please! You are making me nervous. What is wrong?"
He sighed heavily and walked away to his library and shut the door behind him.
Whispering louder than before followed him about.
And the mansion seemed cold and dark again.
I tried to use my ability on him,read his mind. But all I heard back were weird screaming howls saying "shhhhhh!"
What was this man? Why did he change so after all the passion inside his heart?
I had to know.
Friday night came and I couldnt sleep. I felt sick to my stomach alot now and was even having morning sickness,and I wondered if I were expecting. I touched my round belly with my fingers. I was 4 months pregnant.
What was I gonna tell my mother and the staff at the circus? Worst,what if the town finds out about my child with the man on the hill?
My mind raced. No wonder Maestro was upset so.
 But it was to be. It had to be. We were meant to be together.
I wanted to know more about him. Some of the children were making up tales again,of him doing magic for them and talking to the undead. And our new mayor,a smaller but older grey haired man, still advised all to keep quiet and at a safe distance from him.
"Ladies and gents I advise you all to keep safe. I know what you all thought you saw that night at the mansion,but lets be reasonable. Don't get too close to the man on the hill. We are a small normal town,with normal children and normal families. He isn't apart of this town anymore. Dont go up there without knowing your rights. Our last mayor made that mistake. But I assure you it won't happen again! That part of this town is now forbidden!"
My eyes grew huge at his words. Forbidden? But why? I had to see Maestro again and soon.
I waited until midnight again to creep up the 5 miles to see him there at Someplace Else.
I had to warn Maestro of the mayors words,and tell him I was with child.
I was breathless as I appraoched the mansion and slipped in.
"Maestro my love? I am here. I have to tell you something." My voice echoed in the room.
I looked around in the dark hall for him. "Maestro? Are you hidden again? This isn't funny you know..."
Suddenly I felt something brush my ankle and heard him chuckle low in his throat.
"Very funny Maestro",I said as I turned and saw him there with his arms closed wearing a black cape,black pants,and a red silk shirt. 
"Hmp,very funny indeed",he scoffed sarcastically walking past me looking over his shoulder and under dark lashes at me.
I walked to the doors and closed them quietly,then sat down in a nearby chair.
"Maestro listen to me. The new mayor says it's forbidden to come here now. But I had to see you. I have to tell you. I...I am...expecting your child."
Maestro cocked his eyebrows and made a face.
He wasn't too shocked or upset at all,but he seemed amused and sarcastically so at that.
He sighs and uncrosses his arms and rubs his palms together.
"Next time we should be more careful then. That is as you say we will even have a next time."
I whined abit at his cocky sarcasm. "The mayor wont stop me from coming I assure you. And you are not upset about my condition?"
Maestro chewed his bottom lip thinking. "Should I be Mystyc? I love you and always will and nothing in this town will take that away. And I am shocked but thrilled I am to be a father.  I never dreamed of such things. I adore children but never thought I'd have my own. I feel blessed. I have something to share with you too. A dark secret you need to know about me if we are to continue our actions."
He walked past me then,his long cape flowing behind him. He looked like a count or a prince to me always,and that is what I adored about him. His sweetly toned voice and teasing sarcasm. But what I didn't expect was him to be...part of the undead ghoulish family curse on Normal Valley! 
Maestro lit a few candles and lowered the lighhting of the chandelier.
"Promise me tonight you wont get scared. Tonight I want to show you why I am feared by all in this town and everyone keeps talking behind my back. Since you believe in me,I am now going to believe in you!"
And with that he turns to me and smiles and nods.
"I...I promise,but why get scared of you Maestro? Why are the towns people talking and the mayor acting this way? What do you want to show me?" I  went to stand but Maestro waved his hand I felt something push me back! I gasped. "Do you believe in ghosts and magic my dear Mystyc? With such a name I'd hope so",he teased sarcastically again as he looked at me smirking.
I narrowed my gaze questionably as he said the word ghosts. "Magic maybe,but ghosts and evil spirits are a thing of the devil!"
Maestro sneered at me annoyed now. "The devil? So you think I am the devil? I'm evil? I'll show you the devil!" 
My eyes grew huge again at his words and the tone of his voice. I went again to stand but he snaps his finger and I felt instantly faint and fell back again in my seat holding my heart.
Before I could figure out what he was doing and how to handle him,he turns his back and growls/chuckles deep in his throat. The wind picked up about the mansion and I heard lightning crash and thunder pound. I shivered.
"Maestro? Wha...what are you?" I stammered under my breath.
He chuckles again  then spins about like a tornado as blue flames circle his form.
I gasp as the whole mansion shook under my feet like a small earth quake.
Suddenly he stops spinning about,and before me was a ghoulish demonic giant of a being. His hair was long and wavy and dark both at his shoulders and atop his head like horns. His eyes beamed red,his skin was like rubber and  scales,and his lips were small and purple. He had slits for a nose as well,and clawed fingers and pointy ears. He looked very demonic yet very amusing. Like a giant orc from something out of Tolkien lore.
This demonic being of Maestro was about 8 feet tall and towered over me. I  gulped hard still holding my heart.
"Am I the devil now Mystyc? Am I scary? Huh? Tell me! Am I sexy to you now that you see my abilities? Heh. Are you sure you want that child in your womb we made so lustfully so?"
His voice was robotic and more sarcastically amusing than ever,but his words spat at me rudely.
He growled showing his rotten looking pointed teeth at me and sneered.
I put my hands together and tried to pray him away,but he just kept sneering at me.
"Tell me! Tell me! Now you see why I'm scary? See why I am  casted out by these people? Save me the mercy of your praying. I am not evil. I was born this way. My father was a demon from hell itself who raped my mother long ago and had me. All those many cold nights I kept this secret and my abilites from everyone. Yes I was a great maestro once,until my abilites peaked. I was called a freak and a monster and a rapist and a demon of a man. I ran here to the only place I could...this mansion my fathers family owned on this hillside. For over a hundred and fifty years I've been here hiding with my family! And tonight you and my child will join it!"
I was speechless at his words. I could read his mind and hear him in it as well loud and clear.  Maestro was half demon? He looked it now by all standards. And he was that old? He didn't look a day over thirty or fourty. And he his family was here all along? I  gasped for breath still trying to pray.
Maestro shook his head about and changed back into his normal human facade again.
"So it is true what they all said about you. You are a ghoul of a man and can do supernatural things! I dont find you that scary Maestro,and yes I want my child with you. I do. I am sorry about this town and about all you've been thru. I...I am not so normal myself. I can talk telepathically,read minds,change my facial appearence with age,speak languages never taught to me,and dream things just before they happen. Not to mention my dirty gypsy blood in my veins and I rememer by birth and after life like no normal human I know. I will never leave your side Maestro. Even if you are feared by every man on the planet."
Maestro looked at me seriously. He took off his cape and laid it on the nearby chair.
"Well now,you do seem more than a normal woman from this town. I could feel it the moment we met. You are indeed mystical. A rare gem of a woman. You'll make a good wife too I assure you. Now then,as I said tonight you and my unborn child the family!"
Maestro waved his hands in the air about the room,and again blue flames shot out of his palms like weird spirits. They glistened and glowed and clung to the walls,the ceiling,the floor,and the nearby chair. Maestro flung his other arm out and again the same. Beings begun to form from the blue glowing gobs of spiritual matter thrown about violently in the mansion,taking on the facade of humans from Victorian age and more. Beautiful women in long ruffled gowns with their matching parasols in hand twirling about,looking questionably at me but bowed politely. Men in old English knickers and suits bowed too.
An army general from New England age of glory peaked his ghostly head out from the chair then took form. A young harlequin from Victorian age smiled at me and bowed in his makeup still applied to his face. And even a creepy looking middle aged man in Mideval jester attire bounced up and down by my side,the tiny bells on his old worn hat jingled as he went. He smirked at me playfully and laughed sinisterly.
And lastly an old Native man with long black straight hair,black eyes and an old warrior-like attire formed from the ceiling wearing a fox headdress.  He had Maestro's eyes and demeanor.
I figured this had to be his father or grandfathers ghost.
The all stood close to me and Maestro quietly.
And I wondered if all these ghouls were inside Maestro when we were intimate so.
He seemed to control them like a puppet on a string.
Maestro bowed ,and they all did the same.
"Believe in ghost now? These family members are like me. They can't age or die,and they are with me always. I need only cast them out from me. We are eternal ghouls of old times and a part of this towns history. For there is a deep dark demonic curse on my family that started years ago with the first people to settle here centuaries ago in native times.  My father is here and my cousins and my great aunts. This mansion is all we have left in this town as we are it's undead demonic past. Family,this is my future wife and in her is our unborn child."
The ghostly family each responded on their own by smiling,bowing,winking,sneering,laughing,clapping,and more.
But none of them spoke a word.
I looked at each one in awe.
I wondered their names.
Suddenly Maestro snaps a finger and their appearences change. They take on demonic facial features as they turn away growling. Maestro shouts loudly then an outward echoing howl,as the ghoulish group gather closer to him and then face me with sinister faces.
Each looked demonic now like Maestro had before. One had scars and stitches across his face,one had white skin in wrinkles,and one had a horrid monsterous little teasing beast come out his fanged mouth to wink at me before snapping back behind his jaws! The old indian even had huge bug like arms sticking out his sides and a similar demonic facade and glassy red eyes.
Each one growled and sneered and posed this way and that.
Then Maestro claps his hands together and they turn back into their own human facades again and prance about the halls.
Maestro giggles,and then turns to me. "I can do much supernatural things as can they,but I am stronger but younger than them. Say,is this a scary face to you?" And with that Maestro grabs his face and stretches it about.  His jaw stretches way down,his eyes pop out,and then he peels his whole face right off to show a amusing looking skeleton!
I gulp hard still in deep shock at him and his demonic family of old world ghouls.
The skeleton prances about playfully then stops. It shakes it's head and the skeleton facade crumbles away to reveal Maestro's normal human look.
The family of ghouls hid about once more,and the mansion was quiet except for my pounding heart and the storm outside.
"Here hold this",Maestro teases and takes his whole head off from his shoulders and hands me it!
I scream abit frightened holding his head.
"Devil? I am the devil? I am Satan? If so you are in hell and having the anti-Christ! Ha ha!" He laughs sarcastically in my hands.
Suddenly a puff of blue smoke comes out his mouth,goes up my nostrils and down my throat!
I cough and hold my chest,then feel taken over by him.
I feel our child grow in my womb amazingly fast and kick me.
My belly grows rounder and I soon look ready to deliver!
It was like what happened to Bella in Twilight with Edward all over again.
"Oh my...God!" I shrieked.
I felt at his command now and the command of our unborn offspring.
Maestro changed my face around too,and I touched at it. My face was like a demonic ghoul!
My eyes turned white as a blind mans,my teeth turned to fangs,my nails to claws,my ears pointed,my cheek bones high,my skin covered in scars,and my hair turned grey.
Visions of a little boy with tan skin,long sandy brown hair,dark eyes,and full lips came to mind.
The child looked like me and Maestro as a human combined!
Then his face changed too into a demonic child with blue eyes,fangs,claws,and broken veins on his skin. I wanted to run away from Maestro and his ghoulish set of demons. Run away from the town. And run away from our child. What have I done? I had aroused a demon of a man and become his concubine!
I try to scream,to claw at my flesh,to push away but I couldnt.
Maestro grabbed his head from my lap and place it back on his shoulders.
He touched my face lovingly,then my belly.
"I find you ever so gorgeous. Ah and it's time for my child to arrive I see. Right on time!"
I gasped then whined for him to stop it.
He turned my face back to normal,then suddenly I went into labour! My water broke and a stab of pain shot me between my legs.
Maestro picked me up as if I weighed nothing and laid me on the couch.
I screamed and moaned as I felt our childs head push out of me as I bare down.
Blood oozed out from between my legs and dripped to the floor below in a huge puddle.
"He's coming. Keep pushing!"
I ignored Maestro and squeezed my eyes shut and pushed hard. I screamed so loud my screams could be heard outside the mansion. Extreme pain ripped thru my womb and between my open legs.
Thunder roared and winds blew,and soon our child was born!
Maestro cradled the child covered in my blood to him and cut the cord quickly in thin air.
He wiped his sleeve over the infant,cleaning away the blood.
The child didnt cry or make a sound,but instead cooed and clung to it's fathers shoulder.
"It's a boy! Do you hear my family? I have a son!"
Whispers could be heard around along with the sounds of pouring rain.
I felt weak and spent as I lay there trembling from all this. The grandfather clock chimed  3 am.
It was June 25th,2012.
I tried to keep my eyes open but I said one last thing before I passed out...."Miles. His name is Miles..."

To be continued in Part 4: Sins of the father!

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