Sofurgofromashes/Pablo is not MJ!

Pablo on Facebook:

Alot about this guy floating around on MJ forums and Pearl Jr's video.
And even Pearl Jr,thinks he's MJ.
 Well this guy WAS my friend too for a New York minute. That short indeed.
Let me tell you why I hate this guy now with a passion and he'd better stop breathing while he can.
Remember before Peter Banning and all that shit? Well guess who that asshole was? Pablo himself trying to role play.
And now this jerk of a MJ look-a-like is all over the net as SITD aka SOMEONEINTHEDARK.
He now has a new Facebook as such just look for SITD(look for the devil too and some holy water).
I added him a few days ago and thought we would be close buds and maybe more since he knows me on Youtube(Trin20t). Wrong. WAY wrong!
He did add me as a friend and partner(uhm whatever that meant to him).
Well it lasted under a week! Yes. This jerk blocked me on BOTH my accounts I have up trying to be nice to him and all fans. What did I do to make him do that? Not a thing but tell him I loved him and wish I was his girl. That's all. He took it all wrong! And worst when my friend came to help and tell him off,all hell broke loose! He told my friend he was married but from what he told me on chat,this guy never needs a wife! He said qoute,"I dont have a gf and don't need a gf. I dont need no one. I'm happy being single." See? Liar. And on his account all of us saw his status notes saying qoute,"I miss her." And even mentioning missing but not caring about some woman in his life. Saying qoute,"she's back again. I thought she was gone...." Who we wonder is this woman? And why block me so? Yeah you'll miss me alright Pablo? Fuck around with me in real life you'll be missing your dick,hair,clothes,and money! Now also I spied him hiding his engagement on Youtube too awhile ago.
I have a video of him wearing a ring. And he did put he was engaged on his Youtube.
Well Mr. Pablo Cortes(his real name I heard),no longer wears said ring in his videos unless I am blind.
And how did this guy come from Spain to Santa Barbara so fast? Yes,thats where he claims to be living readers. From Spain now in the US. Oh joy! *hurls*
And engaged one minute,married one minute,single the next. Funny he told my friend this,"I'm no womans toy. And yes I need no one." Oh really? Tell your fans,friends,family,and your wife that you rat face liar! It is disgusting he looks,dances,and pretends online to be MJ,then break my heart more than MJ ever could. Every time I hear about Pablo I want to kill him now. Harsh? Indeed but he's fucking with a Scorpio woman,and we DON'T play with little boys! Pearl Jr please read this,and know that this man is NOT ever ever gonna be the King that is Michael Jackson!
My heart is gone now cause of this man ripping it right out. I really was falling in love with him and what I saw. But seeing isnt believing or should I say BeLIEving? Thinking about him as a sweet guy now as before,makes me wanna hurl. And bad this guy told us all,"I'm a gentleman. I'm nice. I am love people even if they hate me...." Uhm Pablo.....come off! Gentlemen don't lie,block their friends/fans,and make people wonder. Even what MJ did to me is better than what you did.
I loved you like a friend! Now talking about you makes me feel like going to your condo and skinning you alive! It hurts so bad now even MJ is making me upset too,because you look and dance like him so. You brought up changing and having memories that dont change on your Facebook. Well I'll be a big fat bitch more,and say I wish your and my memory would erase forever. You are a memory I don't want anymore. And keep saying you need no one,God.Allah is gonna make it so NO ONE ever will need or want you. And that you will become to all of us here as NO ONE!
Look already what you've done to me,has me saying you are that already.
Let it be known that to Pablo Cortes,I am no one. And to me,Trinette Rani Johnson-Jackson you are no one too. Peace!

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