Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sergio's new official homepage is up!

Yep I am working on it. I wanted something basic but pro enough to show his sites and info. Nothing flashy or expensive. Just something simple. I linked to all his sites,plus added the basics. You can find the site at sergiocortesparra

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas from!

I wish all readers and visitors a very blessed and joyous holiday!
Take the time to give back to those in need too.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

R.i.p to my dead family members!

God bless all my passed on dead family!
My dad,uncles,grandparents,aunt,great aunts,and great grand parents! Also the old me. I miss you all! :-)

Happy birthday mom!

This is late, but I wanna say I love my mother. She is Choctaw second nation and black! I love you mom!

Sergio Cortes Es Magia site offline!

Seems someone took it down. I admit I tried to hack the HTML code myself once in spite. But I did not have it removed. I hope my actions here and to him didn't succeed in this. As I said I will make him a site with .com soon using my macs and my HTML knowledge. It won't be as good as that site,but it will be nice. Stay tuned cause I am moving as well soon to a new place.

Monday, December 17, 2012

My apple collection!

This is all my apple stuff.
Ipad 2,ipod touches (4th gen),ibook g4,isight webcam. I sold my ipad mini. Will get a new one soon.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Contact me on FaceTime and iMessage!

If you have a iPhone 4 or 4s or 5,as well as a iPod touch 4th or fifth gen or a iPad 2,mini,or new third gen,you can add me! Also if you use a Mac with Mountain Lion!
Just sign up for a Apple ID for free,and use your device in settings.
You can even use an email or free!
Just login to either app and add my account to your contacts. I am or
I am usually always on my iPads and iPod touches,so adding me is ok.
I am always on. :)

Just to get this clear about my stories and sexual postings!

I wanna be clear and say,that my sexual stories are about Maestro not MJ.
MJ portrays the character Maestro. And it is he that I portray as well!

The photos are mostly photoshopped by other #mjpervs and graphic artists around the net.
All one has to do is search. I do not,I repeat; do not o these graphics so don't rant to me on my other accounts online about it!
If you have say about such content,skip it. Don't read it. I give warnings here. Again if you still have issues,just comment after login into!

Mj tributer of the month!

This was easy. I only pick my Facebook friends off my three accounts,that are MJ performers at their best. I truly think this guy is awesome. He is from Ohio like myself and a hard-working fan.
Give it up for....Ty Malachi Bass aka Corey Melton!

Ty blew me away with these photos.
And he is is pretty good singer as well! :)
Congrats Ty. You are my December/January tributer of the month!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

About Trinette Rani Johnson 2012!

I want to post about my background. Because alot of people think i am just an odd black woman or something. One guy even thought i was pretending to be someone else! I change with age. We all do. Plus I have been very ill for years and don't sleep well as well as smoke and drink wine a lot!
I am 33 and by some standards i am just a boyish looking fat Black woman.
But i am not really just Black persay.
Here is my history in the mix....

I was born on November 15th,1979 on a cold and blizzardly morning at 9:39 am Eastern(although I often put I was born December 15th instead).
I was born breech and via C-section with the embiblical cord around my feet. Seven pounds and fourteen ounces. Normal term.
I looked like a baby who is either from southern India,Berber of Africa,Blasian,or Australian aboriginal. My hair was jet black,full,and staight. I looked mostly indian to my mother,the indian nurse Miss Rasheen,and to others.
True some black babies are born this way,but those who are have mixed dna heritage or are Blasian.
The nurse from India fell in love with me and according to my mother,didnt want to let me go once holding me.
My mother saw and decided to give me a Hindu and Hebrew middle name.
It is Rani. Which means "song" or "queen".
She thought about Latin names too,and thought of singer Trini Lopez.
But looked in a baby book given to her and saw the French creole name Trinette.
Which means "little innocent".
Because my parents werent married yet,my mom originally gave me her last name Webster.
But quickly edited it to Johnson,which is my fathers last name.
So you're probley think i am Blasian right?
Nope. I am mostly Black and biracial with some Black Indian and pure African blood!
My father was born half black and half biracial.
His mother had pure African slave blood from Madagascarian family ties!
Yet her father later split up with his wife and got engaged again to a creole woman with Native and White blood. She birthed two girls with him with curly red hair. These are my aunts.
My fathers mother fell in love with a biracial preacher,who was like her bestfriend.
He was of African slave blood and White and Spanish. He was called just "colored".
My dad never knew this,but my grandma later revealed her feelings to him.
My dad was always lighter then his siblings,had curly hair,and sapphire eyes.
His supposed father was named Mose and he was a regular black man so it was said.
This may be but who knows,because my fathers sister Trevia also was born with curly hair and hazel eyes and she favors my dad and myself!
The other children she bore look more African or black.
Now my grandma also had sex with a White share cropter too. He left her his share of land,house,and animals. He had blue eyes. Could this be my grandpa? Maybe.
My aunt Callie Mae is on the Dawes list as a Cherokee.
Now,my mother also has biracial ties.
Her mother had two biracial parents. Half White,Black,and Chinese.
Her father was Black with Native and creole ties as well!
My mother's father was named Tyler or Phyler Webster and was said to be just "colored".
Stories from family say he too was biracial or creole. Others say he was a real Native man who looked half Black.
Looking at my mother,she looks biracial and Black Indians.
Now my mom also has real Black Indian ties too,because her grandma Nancy Wade is on the official Dawes row list of Freedmen as a Choctaw!
Now me i love my family history. I even give to biracial and Native kids.
I am truely biracial and Black Indian! My name is creole and Hindu,but I am at war with it.
I would like to change my middle name to Native. So,with the help of God and chief Eaglefeather of the website,I changed my name in 2005 to Little Redcub!
It isnt fully officially given yet in the naming ceremony Black indians have,but since my great aunt is official,I just did it in my heart and online.
I may be Trinette Rani Johnson or "Trin" ,but my real name is now Trinette Little Redcub Johnson.
I may change my first name too,but Trinette shows my biracial creole blood line. My birth certificate has no race listed for me at all. But I know what I am...human!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I am so sorry Sergio Cortes!

I just wanna say I am deeply sorry I insulted him here again.
I mean no disrespect,but I have a heavy heart.
I know I can't make someone love me,but I really care for him.
As a friend and more.
I support him. I have a US group and a fan page,as well as working on his official US website complete with a .com!
I can do it because my hearts in it.
So Sergio,if you read this just know to forgive me. I just felt unloved by your actions to me.

Is sex scary! Part Four snippet: Sins of the father part 1: Ghoulish family

*So I been sick,dealing with a spiritual crisis,and on holiday. But I am back and ready to give my readers part four of my story. This part is about our son and how he feels about his life as a ghoul,trapped in the mansion. Imagine you are a infant of four days then age into a thirteen year old! Imagine your dad is Maestro. And imagine you can't leave the mansion...ever!
Part two snippet will be released in three days. Stay put!*

Maestro held his infant son to him,as he sat by the fireplace.He wore his shirt open as he stretched back against the plush red velvet loveseat.
The child wore a long white gown with a ruffled collar and blue socks. His diaper was made of cloth and pinned with a large pin with a letter M on it. He was wrapped in a purple blanket with gold tassels.
Maestro rocked the child in his embrace and Miles yawned and closed his eyes.
I lay at their feet on the bear skin rug,wrapped in a old quilt I found upstairs in my new bedroom.
The fire was warm as I lay back and gazed up at the ceiling and crystal chandelier.
The old purplish candles about it were melted down and barely lit now,dimming the room.
Outside it was now no rain,but fair and mildly breezy. It was warm outside but cool and drafty inside. Maestro sung a lullaby then I never heard. It was soothing and beautiful.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A real life Maestro-like ordeal! *MUST READ*

What I am about to post may scare you.
I am serious,and this is not a joke. The person in question knows who he is or who they are even visiting this very blog!
Stop for a minute and imagine it is you in my shoes dealing with this very ordeal as you post!

Part one: I hear him and see him. So I am him?

It started after awhile. It has been three long years.
I can see him in visions,even as I awake. I can picture him here in my house!
I had dreams of him before and after his disappearance.
And lastly,I hear him everywhere I go. Even in bed and in the bath!
At times this spirit,this man if you will; gets mad and I feel pain in some places on my very body!
Cuts,pin pricks,itching,cold skin,jerking movements, nervous ticks,and even other spiritual and sexual connections. For just tonight about bait before posting,I said something spiritually to him,and felt something hurt my neck. Like it was being almost cut or made sore without it being such before. This man or being is very beautiful and looks like MJ from Ghosts or like a older version at times. Sometimes this being talks like the Devil himself.
Teasing,insulting our Lord,and making unholy statements about God calling him simply,"him-him".
And sometimes he pretends to be MJ himself back from hell! Making me terrified to even be a fan.
At times too this being makes me have visions of other things and makes my own spiritual self sound odd or masculine in sound. As if he is a puppeteer of my body and spirit.
One thing too is he insults me as if I were a fat boy,says I smell like male parts,and even calls me,"lost boy". He mentions his sons name is "Christoper". To which he also calls him too a lost boy.
He pretends to sound like my friends and family,and even shows images of them to me before my very eyes. Imagine him pretending to be Sergio Cortes Parra,and saying he is sorry once only to say later as you try to relax,that he is gonna cut your face up. Then you feel a cutting sensation by your left cheek! This happened today at 4 pm my time. No lie! I fear for my life.
This man or being is out to haunt me. Who he is? Well he says he is Daryl one minute,Satan the next,God the next,and then MJ! He even now says he is.....Maestro of Ghosts!
The pic below is Sergio as Maestro. The being claims he looks the same! I kid you not. (^。^)

Monday, December 10, 2012

MJ and Vodoo chief Baba! Also do you BeLIEve?

I know I shouldnt bring up old news but,since hearing things about MJ in my mind from either Mike's ghost or someone close to him. I been hearing all about Mike and the voodoo curse from this spiritual connection. One thing I heard is that although Vanity Fair,said that it was 42 cows used,it was said to me,that it was cows,babies,and even cats and Baba's own flesh used in the horrid ritual!
Mike bathed and was supposed to consume the blood for four hours in 2000 and paid out $170,000!
Mike did this for five years,not one. And wanted nearly 35 people killed! Spielberg and Geffen were just two. He also had Robin Williams on the list and his ex-friend Rabbi Schmuley Botech.
(Should've added his father Joe too mind you!)
Now this sounds bad enough,but imagine Mike alive and hiding cause of this ordeal as well. How bad is that?
Now imagine you are sick and throwing up bloody bile and there is blood in your urine!
Well my spiritual source,says that is how bad off Mike is.
And in my pass post I revealed that Mike is indeed alive with a photo he edited off his Facebook under MICHAEL JOSEPH BAMBI! He announced to us loyal BeLIEvers that he was sick and tired.
His recent post,says that again. Poor MJ. :(
So am I a BeLIEver? Indeed with all the info I have. This is no impersonator with nearly 2,000 friends and all and more on each profile,plus he is hiding and "playing" around as MICHAEL SHERMAN!
He blocks me on one and teases on another! 

Sergio Cortes Parra is acting out!

I'm trying to be nice and myself around him online. But he is ignoring me. He took me off my main Facebook where I had him as a friend. He just up and took me off without a goodbye. I didn't even hurt him. I found it weird. Also on my other account as an fallen angel to express my deeper feelings about angelican things,he added me. He was gonna take me off but I halted him by sending him a message. Sending him a warning and a love note. Since he still is distant to me. I feel like he cocky and snobbish. Intact the word he uses which is "parra" is a word in Spanish which means to be on a high horse or cocky. Why he uses it is obvious to his persona. Also it should be noted he doesn't have a girlfriend or a wife or even a lover. It even seems his so-called friends are not that close too. Also I keep hearing weird voices in my mind insulting him too. I wouldn't hurt him but my heart hurts. Every attemp I make to get closer to him just seems useless! So I am done. No more Sergio around me. Nothing. He is the worst MJ tributer in the world to me now!

Elena Romanenkova caught liking racist post and is a open lesbian!

So on I follow the would-be awesome MJ look-a-like Elena Romanenkova liking a fans racist comment to her! The fan is Mellissa Whitmore. She commented quote,"a nigger was here". Elena obviously is racist or thinks racist post or funny because she liked said comment! Also, I notice Elena is obviously out the closet about being a lesbian. She hides it,but is caught with women or her supposed girlfriend in many a photo. I am not anti-gay but just caught my attention to detail. No one else left bad comments but Mellissa and only her comment was liked! Below is the photo Elena took and both Mellissa and my comments.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Where to find me!

Hello all. So it seems I am hard to find online. Some don't think I'm famous,but I am. I even have my own site! To find me go to and type in Trinette Rani Johnson or Google me under Trinette Rani! I have no photos up much,so you won't find those. You will find my sites and profiles. Add me and sign my guest book on the site. Thanks!

Graduation 2018 at iKron!

I got my Educational/GED Prep Award on Friday at iKron! I am not sure if I can get into college again with it,but my other certificate fr...