Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I am so sorry Sergio Cortes!

I just wanna say I am deeply sorry I insulted him here again.
I mean no disrespect,but I have a heavy heart.
I know I can't make someone love me,but I really care for him.
As a friend and more.
I support him. I have a US group and a fan page,as well as working on his official US website complete with a .com!
I can do it because my hearts in it.
So Sergio,if you read this just know to forgive me. I just felt unloved by your actions to me.

Is sex scary! Part Four snippet: Sins of the father part 1: Ghoulish family

*So I been sick,dealing with a spiritual crisis,and on holiday. But I am back and ready to give my readers part four of my story. This part is about our son and how he feels about his life as a ghoul,trapped in the mansion. Imagine you are a infant of four days then age into a thirteen year old! Imagine your dad is Maestro. And imagine you can't leave the mansion...ever!
Part two snippet will be released in three days. Stay put!*

Maestro held his infant son to him,as he sat by the fireplace.He wore his shirt open as he stretched back against the plush red velvet loveseat.
The child wore a long white gown with a ruffled collar and blue socks. His diaper was made of cloth and pinned with a large pin with a letter M on it. He was wrapped in a purple blanket with gold tassels.
Maestro rocked the child in his embrace and Miles yawned and closed his eyes.
I lay at their feet on the bear skin rug,wrapped in a old quilt I found upstairs in my new bedroom.
The fire was warm as I lay back and gazed up at the ceiling and crystal chandelier.
The old purplish candles about it were melted down and barely lit now,dimming the room.
Outside it was now no rain,but fair and mildly breezy. It was warm outside but cool and drafty inside. Maestro sung a lullaby then I never heard. It was soothing and beautiful.

Graduation 2018 at iKron!

I got my Educational/GED Prep Award on Friday at iKron! I am not sure if I can get into college again with it,but my other certificate fr...