Thursday, December 13, 2012

About Trinette Rani Johnson 2012!

I want to post about my background. Because alot of people think i am just an odd black woman or something. One guy even thought i was pretending to be someone else! I change with age. We all do. Plus I have been very ill for years and don't sleep well as well as smoke and drink wine a lot!
I am 33 and by some standards i am just a boyish looking fat Black woman.
But i am not really just Black persay.
Here is my history in the mix....

I was born on November 15th,1979 on a cold and blizzardly morning at 9:39 am Eastern(although I often put I was born December 15th instead).
I was born breech and via C-section with the embiblical cord around my feet. Seven pounds and fourteen ounces. Normal term.
I looked like a baby who is either from southern India,Berber of Africa,Blasian,or Australian aboriginal. My hair was jet black,full,and staight. I looked mostly indian to my mother,the indian nurse Miss Rasheen,and to others.
True some black babies are born this way,but those who are have mixed dna heritage or are Blasian.
The nurse from India fell in love with me and according to my mother,didnt want to let me go once holding me.
My mother saw and decided to give me a Hindu and Hebrew middle name.
It is Rani. Which means "song" or "queen".
She thought about Latin names too,and thought of singer Trini Lopez.
But looked in a baby book given to her and saw the French creole name Trinette.
Which means "little innocent".
Because my parents werent married yet,my mom originally gave me her last name Webster.
But quickly edited it to Johnson,which is my fathers last name.
So you're probley think i am Blasian right?
Nope. I am mostly Black and biracial with some Black Indian and pure African blood!
My father was born half black and half biracial.
His mother had pure African slave blood from Madagascarian family ties!
Yet her father later split up with his wife and got engaged again to a creole woman with Native and White blood. She birthed two girls with him with curly red hair. These are my aunts.
My fathers mother fell in love with a biracial preacher,who was like her bestfriend.
He was of African slave blood and White and Spanish. He was called just "colored".
My dad never knew this,but my grandma later revealed her feelings to him.
My dad was always lighter then his siblings,had curly hair,and sapphire eyes.
His supposed father was named Mose and he was a regular black man so it was said.
This may be but who knows,because my fathers sister Trevia also was born with curly hair and hazel eyes and she favors my dad and myself!
The other children she bore look more African or black.
Now my grandma also had sex with a White share cropter too. He left her his share of land,house,and animals. He had blue eyes. Could this be my grandpa? Maybe.
My aunt Callie Mae is on the Dawes list as a Cherokee.
Now,my mother also has biracial ties.
Her mother had two biracial parents. Half White,Black,and Chinese.
Her father was Black with Native and creole ties as well!
My mother's father was named Tyler or Phyler Webster and was said to be just "colored".
Stories from family say he too was biracial or creole. Others say he was a real Native man who looked half Black.
Looking at my mother,she looks biracial and Black Indians.
Now my mom also has real Black Indian ties too,because her grandma Nancy Wade is on the official Dawes row list of Freedmen as a Choctaw!
Now me i love my family history. I even give to biracial and Native kids.
I am truely biracial and Black Indian! My name is creole and Hindu,but I am at war with it.
I would like to change my middle name to Native. So,with the help of God and chief Eaglefeather of the website,I changed my name in 2005 to Little Redcub!
It isnt fully officially given yet in the naming ceremony Black indians have,but since my great aunt is official,I just did it in my heart and online.
I may be Trinette Rani Johnson or "Trin" ,but my real name is now Trinette Little Redcub Johnson.
I may change my first name too,but Trinette shows my biracial creole blood line. My birth certificate has no race listed for me at all. But I know what I am...human!

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