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Elena is the best of the best!

gus jackson's astrology info! part 2 :chinese zodiac

gus jackson's astro info! part 1

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Music player update!

Merry X-Mas from us here at TRJFORMJ! (edited)

Pray for my mom

My interview with Gus Jackson!

Gus Jackson and MLC Moses!

My unreleased tracks of MJ (Cascio or so-called Malachi tracks)

Cascio tracks

We gonna make Tuesday burn tonight!

Site of the day!

story behind mj's Place With No Name

free earbuds!

Need a cool free phone?

Decembers impersonator!

check out Gus Jackson's page!

Impersonator of the month of October/November

Ohio State marching band tribute to MJ!

Gus Jackson support group on

The end of the regular pc for me! Hello to tablet pc's!

A poem for Gus!

For Gus Jackson!

More promo for Gus Jackson!

More than one MJ? (Back from hiatus I am)

This track is for Anhidema

Happy Birthday MJ

Hiatus again!

My cousin rocks out!

Maestro's son Miles turns 4!

Music from MegaJacko(Gus Jackson) now on the blog!

Happy Birthday Taryll Adren Jackson and son!

Maestro attacks me in a dream Monday morning!

Pics of toddler me!

Impersonator of the month of July/August!

Maestro Jackson and Trinette Johnson: The ghoul and the geeky girl(real Facebook chat story) Part One

I love you guys from Europe!

Happy birthday mj: Scream for mikey to come back Aug 29th!

My boyfriend Maestro in real life!

To Sofurgofromashes!

Pray for my mother!

Gus Jackson from Carnaria Island is my best friend!

Michael Jackson trends for 5 mins in my area of Ohio!

Sofurgofromashes aka Pablo Jackson bka MJJ is in love with Trin?

Hiatus from the site!

I am Trinette Rani Johnson aka Trin Trin, bka Netteroo!

Michael Jackson faked his death because he thought that Elvis faked his death too!

My friend Gus Jackson(Megajacko) more info!