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MJ is a fallen angel on earth hiding as a new Mesiah!

I am no hater!

sergio cortes parra's deep voice!

michael jackson's deep voice!

Pablo Cortes aka Sofurgofromashes/SITD might be Sergio!

Music of Michael Jackson performs at Pops!

Sergio Cortes Parra wants to come to America!

For Sergio Cortes Parra: About The Metal Pig

Shoutout to Rabbi Tom!

Michael Jackson maybe in hell or going!

Chillin out tonight

sergio cortes parra has the flu too!

Weird comments to this blog!

Sick with flu yet again!

Posting with Siri on my new iPad Mini!

Sergio Cortes es Magia site being rebuilt!

January/Februarys tributer of the month!

Happy New Year from!