Wednesday, January 30, 2013


So i sold my old iBook g3 and g4 laptops to the local mart. I am glad i did to upgrade to newer Apple tech.
I still have two iPads with the new IOS 6.1 update as well as a 4th gen iPod touch with the update too! I also got lucky and found a used Macbook with unibody and Intel Core Duo with Lion installed for under $300! I also will buy another iPad 1st gen in March with 3G wireless.
So good bye to old tech and hello to the new.

The domain has lapsed. It will change friday to!
Please make a note of it. Thanks!

Sergio's site has a new domain! It is now
The sad thing is he fails to acknowledge it. That it is even legit!
Also he does my USA fansite and page this way too.
And yet he has been here before and says he will come again here. Thinking he has US fans who care besides me. He doesnt! He has only 6 fans from here.
I for one dont want an asshole from anywhere around me regardless!

Friday, January 25, 2013

MJ is a fallen angel on earth hiding as a new Mesiah!

So I was anointed by a priest recently,and told him I hear MJ and weird things.
He said he saw a vision of MJ in hell and on earth with huge black wings. And that he dances with fire around him. 
And that the hoax is a bunch of lies to hide him on earth.
That MJ sold his soul to the devil so much he can't do anything right anymore!
The priest said he enjoyed MJ''s old sound and Thriller,but that after all the hype tore him apart.
He also said it was corruption to call him a god or pray to him and idolize him to extremes as some do.
He said Jesus gets overlooked by most fans nowdays because of his looks,which he copied from above! That he is so powerful on earth that even righteous get confused! He told me keep praying and to raise my voice about him even if people don't listen.

I also found out that Cher revealed on the Queen Elizabeth cruise that they were gonna "change Michael". Change his skin.
Michael also sings about a "river boat cruise and she was well aware". In PRICE OF FAME!
See video of her telling all:
The priest said MJ tried to deny things but the media knew and he tried to hide for years.
His demons and his fans sent him to hell he said.
That it was hard for him to pass into heaven cause of his fame and god-like reign on earth like he Jesus.
That people think he is child-like and can do no wrong because of voice and hidden sins! God said "hath not any god before me". And we fans make him into one.
He is a saint,god of love,innocent,arch angel Michael,Jesus,ect. All corruption!
People think fallen angels are demons with red skin and pointy tails and horns.
Or weird alien beings. But they are humaonoid with huge wings they hide. Looking like bog lights at times on earth too! There are thousands amongst men.
When Satan fell less than half of his army fell with him on earth! They are here with him chain to judgement and darkness forever!
The book of Enoch discribes them.
Many of Satan's army are MJ fans too hiding.
This is why MJ did so well with his albums.
He put on a pale face and curly black locks and a nose like Peter Pan for a show that "I am like god worship me. Worship my voice and dance."
In the song MORPHINE he reveals it! "Just in me,trust in me,put all your trust in me! You're doing Morphine!"
Also in other song he left unpublish as a demo called ALL I NEED,he sings "close your eyes imagine i'm taking you away....tonight."
Why would he sings such things? Taking us away and that we are all he needs in his life.
And that ro trust in him or the drug Morphine.
He even swears badly and calls himself a swine down the line!
It is time we fans awake to this. We over look the real angels that give and worship God for a man who had no photos of Jesus or a cross at Neverland ranch or who even prayed out loud much around many!
All he did was morph around millions of times,sing,crotch grab,moonwalk,and give to children charities and things. Children were redemed to him as angels.
Most fans he has are young and foolish or middle-aged and raised on his fame!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I am no hater!

Serious i am not. What i say here isnt for hate. I just try to get my oppion across and get things off my chest. I mean no disrespect to anyone. I am mentally ill and hear voices now,and i have been to many hospitals. Heck, i even pray often! Again i am sorry if i insulted anyone here.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

sergio cortes parra's deep voice!

So he talks lighter in some video then in others. I noticed. See here:

Here his voice sounds deeper and sexy.
Here is the one where it is light:

michael jackson's deep voice!

In my mind since asking for his soul June 27th,2009 it sounds deep like his father like baritone,but I noticed his voice is deep in these videos.

Pablo Cortes aka Sofurgofromashes/SITD might be Sergio!

I noticed their lastnames are Cortes and both are from Spain.
Alot of people say this is MJ. There are differences and i doubt MJ would be hiding out in Spain using that name.
Also Sergio's full name is Sergio Perseus Pablo Cortes and he has been a fan same time as Sergio.
Here is some video as well as his info:

Michael is Pablo :) Michael is ALIVE!!!!!! :) yea :) 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Music of Michael Jackson performs at Pops!

If you live in Cincinnati,Ohio we have a new show coming in April.
James Delisco will perform music of Michael Jackson at Music Hall.
For info go here:

Sergio Cortes Parra wants to come to America!

I can't wait to see him here. I hope he comes closeby to Ohio. He has been to New York and Washington to visit. I didnt know him at the time,I was younger.
I'd like to show him around even in Toledo where Ty Malachi is. Ty is Ohio's best-known impersonator!

Friday, January 18, 2013

For Sergio Cortes Parra: About The Metal Pig

Outspoken and confident, Metal Pigs give 110% for everything they do. They throw themselves into relationships with others completely, sometimes to a fault. These Pigs are headstrong and diligent in the workplace, honest and caring in a relationship and trustworthy with everyone he meets unless given reason not to be. Metal Pigs usually give people more credit than they deserve but when challenged can be a hard nut to crack.

The Metal Pig/ Boar - bossy, lively, extroverted, motivated by fortitude and patience and is full of pride.

The Metal Pig/ Boar Years30 Jan 1911 to 17 Feb 1912
27 Jan 1971 to 14 Feb 1972

Go to:

Go to:

Go to:

Go to:

Under the influence of the Metal element, he is proud and passionate, with overpowering sentiments, valuing his reputation. He is intense and demanding and may have excessive appetites, lacking in refinement or tact. He exerts little control over his personal life, is very social and demonstrative with his affections. Pure-minded, he tends to underestimate his enemies and overestimate his friends.

Birthday: 7/30/1971
The general description about this person is enlightened, straightforward, optimistic, sophisticated, hasty, talkative, extreme, explosive, active, impatient and ambitious.
One word for people born in this month is prudent.
These people appear to be easy going and behave in a mild manner. They are often generous and sympathetic to other people. This type of person can be very friendly and convincing; they often persuade people to believe that they have unique qualities and knowledge that others do not have. They are very prudent and detail- oriented. They have necessary patience and faith to accomplish their goals, which require extensive time to accomplish. They are very sensitive and can be easily hurt. When they become emotionally involved, they become very jealous and biased. These people tend to be overly cautious and always lose the opportunities to become successful. They are very permissible and easily influence by others. They tend to worry all the time and are very moody. They may suffer silently and are always misjudged by other people. They handle money carefully and accumulate wealth in small increments.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Shoutout to Rabbi Tom!

Hehe his art of MJ in hell maybe blasphomy to some but its brilliant!

Michael Jackson maybe in hell or going!

As i said before i hear evil and retarded convo in my mind 24/7 since asking God for Michael's soul and heart to keep. I thought he was perfect and an angel. Well he isnt and from what I hear,he is very evil and corrupt. He lies to me,his voice is deep and raspy like a black guy,not light and airy. It sounds like it does in some of his later concerts where he sounds breathless and singing IN THE CLOSET. Very masculine but very off like Joe. Like he is loosing his mind. He repeats nonesense and says blasphomy about me,my friends,family,and the Lord. About Blanket and even about impersonators. Everyone but his parents and family.
He insults with vigor. He wont shut up hardly at all. He refuses to take any good things into him. He calls my computers "weird". Praying,meds,music,sleep,even a church wont remove his jabbering on. Ive been told its mental illness,and i get alot for disability because of it. But i know this is not disability. Meds would help. This evil is the devil himself. Ive tried asking for forgiveness and restoring my faith but it aint working. Also,there is another voice i hear too. Lighter and like Michael himself with a higher pitch like a kid again. I hear him crying,screaming,and loosing it too hearing this other mans insults. This must be Michael's good side. He tries to be sweet too,but often than not he too joins the nonesense rambling and retarded convo. Lately too i see visions with this of Michael himself as well as bugs and other sights. They happen rapidly and randomly.
Another thing too is ive been getting ill and feeling feverish and faint with headaches.
I been loosing weight rapidly too and vomiting. Imagine you feel faint and feverish without a fever. Then your head hurts,you feel like your being pricked with pins,and then you hear insults so bad about yourself you vomit! That is what i have.
I also hear voices outside my head too and feel things moving and shoving me around.
I literally heard him in my house twice as did my mother. And one night,i swear a being attemtped to get into my body! A grown man. These spirits i hear claim it is Sergio Cortes Parra who is like my friend. Other times they claim it is Michael himself. If so this being doesnt talk like them. I believe this is Michael himself trapped in three places. My mind,my body,and hell!
This man could never be in heaven given he was rich.
The bible says,"it is hard for a rich man to enter heaven as it is for a camel to enter thru an eye of a needle". You are supposed to suffer. Michael did give his money away but still he was a man of great riches and looked at like a God amongst men,so much some called him Jesus!
And he was a man of falsehoods. Hiding his face,changing his looks and often high as a kite on drugs. He even gave money away in trials out to kids and their parents who were liars to keep them quiet.
Later God took everything from him and tried to warn him. He took all his items and even his home. Yet still Michael turned to drugs and still tried to be famous. Going to Bahrain and England off of the charity of his fame. Living richly still and owing millions. He lost his mind more and started getting ill. No sleep while dying inside. His faith grew weak more until 2009 when he attempted a comeback with THIS IS IT. He was corrupt by now. Still living richly while being evil.
He wasnt himself at all. He acted odd and robitic and his face and demeanor off. Other claimed he wasnt himself anymore. Even his parents said he appeared different in the film. Infact it was said he was so weak minded,he couldnt remember his own songs or how to reach the right pitches. He lip synced. He attempted to dance while high and weak,and vomited often. Shouting out and crying for them to leave him be. Many saw this but were paid to keep quiet.
At the same time a big fake riot that he was very ill followed too.
One even said he threw up pizza in a mall. When it was staged by a wannabe fan who worked for him. The man threw up pizza after acting out to the lord and being sick with a cold. He in plot,saved the vomit in a bag and saved it,so theyd use it later when Michael would appear to retch by a store window. His guard too the bag and hid it. Then when Michael gaged by the glass he broke the bag of vomit up against him and the glass,while it was filmed. Thats the story I read online. Another one says that he indeed retched up the pizza because he had a stomach bug.
You tell me which is real. His family claimed though he was very ill and saw him vomiting bloodor red liquid from his mouth. The truth is it is the devios plasma he retched.
These voices claim that he throws up fire from his mouth and blood. J. Tereboreli claimed that he had bloody vomit because of not eating and disease. Bad kidney,bad lung,and bleeding intestines. That Michael was killing himself and very ill. His other friend who is a psycharistist,claimed his mind was bad. That he was on heavy anti-depressant and pain killers.
That he couldnt even think straight under pressure. He was even taking Ritalin and Atavan and smoking weed laced with heroine. It was later found in his home. Michael's dermitologist even said his mind was so bad he would pee in a glass infront of people. He thought it was funny.
That that is why some boys saw his penis. Disturbing indeed.
But these voices i hear trying to corrupt me now,say worst.
I hear apart of Michael is on earth in me and another is in hell. While there he is spinning in a lake of fire with huge eyes,long hair,and his mouth wide open. Out from his mouth spits fire. Demons gather around to torment him. Five tones play from him repeatedly. His arms are bound in the air and he is legless. Another fan said this too as have others. That he is in hell. I had no vision but do smell a horid odor around my rooom where I prayed for his soul. Pee,blood,road kill,menstrul blood,vomit,ect. Even candy and food i can smell. And no i have noone aound me like this. My mother cant smell it. I need a priest and more around me. The crosss i wear and it is not enough.
I read the bible and I pray. I am Catholic. But these things are madness.
I ask all to not ask for this mans soul or heart. It is blasphomy enough to think he is perfect and Jesus. We fans corrupted him. We believe lies him and his demons say. We see a fake god not the real lord. Read the bible it will set you free! Lastly,two other fans love him so much like me that they also asked for his heart. One was around me at the nearby hospital. She is a Ohioan too and a teen. She asked for his heart to keep. After she threw up and felt very sad. She started hearing oices too. Her mother saw me and looked depressed. Another asked in Detroit too and is in her teens too. I heard she attemted suicice. Infact many fans did die for him around his supposed fleshly death. About 13! One was a French impersonator. Recently a fan lied and shot himself too after seeing Bad 25! He kept saying "my lord died". Even a fan I know as Iris Jackson on Facebook is friends with him,and said that he was better than God to her and she prayed to him!
Donot be fools and kill yourself and pray to MJ. Dont do Bieber this way either. It is evil. Satan loves this kinda worship.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Chillin out tonight

On my alcatel onetouch 909 with android 2.6. Djing from bed. :-)

DJing in The Ambient Chillout & Trip Hop Room. Now playing Swindle: Mischief ♫♪ #turntablefm

sergio cortes parra has the flu too!

Still sick here myself just abit,as is my mom.
Now it seems I learn that around the same time,Sergio has caught it too!
He has posted about it on his Facebook. I hope he gets some rest and feels better.
It takes two weeks to get it gone. I myself am in day 6 of it now. My mom is in day 4.
I caught it last friday. I threw up,ran off,and the whole shebang. Been trying to eat with mine.
Still I am contagious? So carefully blogging from bed. See you all soon! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weird comments to this blog!

I will not add replies to old posts about Sergio. As I said it is complete.
He is my friend not my enemy and even if i do say things,he understands already.
To the fan who posted,get over it. Sergio is not the next MJ he is himself and a tributer of MJ.
He is not trying to become him,he embelishes his spirit already!
I advise you to do your homework missy or mister. That is all! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Sick with flu yet again!

Hello all this Trinette. I have the flu weekend very Weak and I'm getting better. I was 106 now it is down to normal I'm resting and trying to sleep but I'm having a difficult Sleeping for me pray for me as I get better my mom also is getting sick so please pray for her to alright talk to you all later the couple of days. Posting with Siri on Ipad mini.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Posting with Siri on my new iPad Mini!

I'm just sending a simple post is don't pay me any attention I'm just testing out Siri alright and hereby have a good weekend thank you so much for joining thanks so much for reading my blog bye-bye now!

Sergio Cortes es Magia site being rebuilt!

I am unsure,but it may be moving to a new host.
That is fine.
But my site is still his American-made .com site!
It will soon be in flash. Stay tuned!

January/Februarys tributer of the month!

This months is very special. He is well-known and a good friend of mine. More like a Facebook boy friend! Congrats to... E'Cassanova!

Happy New Year from!

I wish all a happy and healthy new year. May your resolutions be just.

Graduation 2018 at iKron!

I got my Educational/GED Prep Award on Friday at iKron! I am not sure if I can get into college again with it,but my other certificate fr...