Monday, April 29, 2013

Sofurgofromashes aka Pablo Jackson bka MJJ is in love with Trin?

Tired ofvthis man having this nasty mental telepathy! He is evil.
This man is literally odd. Looks and acts like MJ himself but lies to us. Except to me!
Has the nerve to insult me. He fell in love with me in 2010. He thought my name was Trin Johnson or something. The name I go by around family is simply that! Trin is short or Trinette or Trinity. It is half of my name,and my father used it around me along with my mother since i was 4.
I find it rude this man knew my name is Trinette, but started hearing thru me or whatever and calling me Trin. He lost his mind and whenever i say my full name,he thinks i am totaly different from that same person. It is insanity! When i reveal who i am,he insults me either telepathically acts odd on all his "fake" accounts hevas up. All one needs dobis mention my names this way to him for him to delete you or block you or curse you out! It brings the devil outvof him and reveals him to all that we know eachbother very closely. He hates the way i look and thinks i look odd and am a oddball. Then turns around and talks to me privately and adds my accounts again just to be noisey.

Hiatus from the site!

Just to inform all I will be away awhile. I am dealing with very horrid condition where I hear nasty sounding voices and insults and sucking sounds repeatedly! It is worst now than ever!
Since June 29th,2009 i have been hearing these voices after asking for Michael's soul. Since,weird occurrence have gone done. Even on November 15,2010 which was my 31st birthday,Sofurgofromashes joined and said he was MJ. And this was the time that I heard these two voices. Both revealing themselves as one.... MJ!
And a week later I was in the local psyc ward. 2011 around November I found him hiding on Facebook as Mike Jackson. He was playing around with Iris Jackson.
Since then he has made many an account like a fangirl or fanboy would.
And in 2012 he left Twitter and came back as the accounts he has up now. There are a total of 6.
None official either!
Guess why? Cause hevis supposed to be dead. But he is alive to most.
And his mind is like two people. He is gone even in his mind. I know because he lost himself little by little. Now,he wants me to loose myself too. So i am offline for awhile.
If you care,you know where to find me.

-trinette rani aka mystyc bka trin jackson

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I am Trinette Rani Johnson aka Trin Trin, bka Netteroo!

Here is where to find me online if you dare...

Or just look up my name on Google!
Some already know me. But if you don' you do! I am not Laqueefah Jackson on Twitter. I am a MJ fan and part of his inner circle. I am also a medium and a poet,and a gamer and EDM artist. That is all!   :) 

Michael Jackson faked his death because he thought that Elvis faked his death too!

Michael Jackson wrote in a private blog marked November 17,2008 that he wanted to fake his death.
Because he thought that Elvis faked his own and he could get along with it. That Elvis had faked his death because of his addictions and stress. That he could get away from it all. That all we fans needed was impersonators. And that maybe after all the lies and drug use,he could pretend to be himself as a new man away from it all. Like we have Elvis impersonators who look like him,and use his anme. Yet who is to say it isnt really him using a fake name now. So,Michael faked his death and had photos taken both before and after his death. And also he had some impersonators to act like him from both Brazil and Spain. Also Ecasaanova may be in it. If you look at the death phots,you can see the first one looks like it was edited. But Michael looks darker and more like Ecasanova pretending with a mask on. Like he is from BAD era from 1988-1989.
And yes,in private,someone faking as Ecasanova revealed that he was indeed in the hoax!
Next we see photos of him on a gurney. He looks like he died during last part of Dangerous and early HIStory era.  He has his mouth open wide too.The date on one photo is marked  the 8th month in 2009.
As some of you know,I asked for Michael's soul like around his time too in 2009. He was starting to say he was ill and cut his hair like 4 inches short too and had more surgery in private to me on my gmail account. I saved it,and later will post our old convos!
Michael started lying in 2009 about having skin cancer first. Then we found out he was sick and vomiting more too during  production of THIS IS IT. It was said that someone saw him on stage performing to the song BAD,when he started to run of stage and vomit up red stuff. That stuff was red wine. Michael like to secretly drink it out of pop cans that we had never seen before or that were old!
He called it "Jesus Juice" and "Jesus Blood".
He thought he was like Jesus and an angel. And that drinking it,would make it stronger like God.
He would get sick after drinking it with some drugs in his blood stream even around his family.
He also had serious sleep problems. Where even now hiding and talking to me,he has issues sleeping.
At times he tells me that he vomits repeatedly or that he has to take cerain drugs to sleep.
He vomits cause he doesnt sleep well,as well as has slight mental illness. Also because of the hurt of the media and his father. Sofurgofromashes his the real him hiding. Many of us can tell. We called him this man Pablo Turago cause on his old account he said he was from Spain. So we looked for Pablo from Spain. Then some fans said they found out about a Pablo from Spain who is a bad impersonator. So,we posted that too. Then we discovered that this man is not who he says he is.
But I knew the truth. I been talking to Michael in private since 2010 and telepathically since late 2009 too.
He knows. But do you believe? Most of you dont give a shit. You think I am a hater or a liar too.
Which is why Michael had trust issues with people. I am Michael's friend online to the end!

My friend Gus Jackson(Megajacko) more info!

Birthday: November 17,1975

From: las palmas de gran carnaria,spain

Work: Maspalomas

Hobby: Animator,Graphics artist, making remixes(DJ MegaJacko)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My bestfriend Michael Mkrtchyan(Anhidema)

I love his music. I grew up listen to alot of music. I feel in love with electronica of all kinds.
My fave artists are Enigma,Rorshak,Rokysopp,Telepopmusik,Skillex,David Guetta,and even Japanese electronically like Schwartzstein and Blam Honey.
Anhidema is new at making music but he is very good at it.
Here are some tracks of his I like....

Luna Month:

Welcome to Infinity Forever :

Here is where to find him...

All his official sites are on his Blogger!

Here is a photo of him:

Michael Jackson is Sofurgofromashes aka Pablo Jackson/Pablo Cortes! THIS IS IT!

Here it is folks. I been watching,listening,and hoping to crack this whole death hoax crap. Well I have.
As I said on June 29th,2009 I asked for Michael's soul and to speak telepathically to him. I am a medium and as a hobby do many things,including love Astrology and poetry.
I figured I could break Michael. Well since then been hearing him reaptedly in my mind talking,screaming,insulting,and giving himself away to me. I thought I was going insane. So I was in and out of psyc wards and on the same got damn meds as him! Ativan and even sleeping pills.
This insanity never stops. It sometimes sounds like Michael and perhaphs his alter ego trying to mess up my mind. He shows me images of himself even in lude ways. He insults my race often. He made fun of black women and even his own kids. He lives in a weird like hotel or hospice as we see in some pics of him as Sofurgofromashes too. No other impersonator looks like him or hides under that mask he loves so much. No impersonator makes random accounts since he died too and acts like Sofurgofromashes!
Now this man is giving himself away by linking his own photos from one account to the other,than saying one is fake and one is real. He switches his mind like the time switches on a clock.
And indeed he is loosing his mind. He revealed telepathically in 2010 that he was alive to me,and hiding on watching his fans and using random names as he did before to get drugs. There are alot of fakes on Facebook and Twitter. But this man literally reveals himself,talks back telepathically and adds me directly to his accounts!
He says,"I am looking for you Trin. I love Trin. I hear you. I am the real Michael Jackson!"
You guys wont believe this but some of us like Pearl Jr and I know that Michael is really Sofurgofromashes aka Pablo aka Pablo Cortes aka SITD!
That i REALLY him!
Look at how he looks,dances,wears his sideburns,and posts. It is him. He talks to me telepathically daily for hors and hours. He is like an angel or a demon. He can see right thru me. He is telling me even how to post this blog post! No lie!
He can even use this site now! He has the never to be loosing his mind. He doesnt sleep well,he hears my voice always,and he is still a troubled man. He is trying to impersonate himself instead of just saying "hear I am fans". The devil ruined his mind. He sounds like two insulting men in my head. As I said Michael has a really deep voice that he uses to talk in falsetto alot as well as sing. He even used the deep voice a few times for us fans. Just look for Michael Jackson's deep voice.
Here are his accounts I follow and I noticed they are all starting to reveal it is him indeed online fans.
Look below:

Michael is a habitual liar. He has lied many times to media too. Said he had cancer in 2009 before even dying too. Said  he had many diseases. Really he is a drug addict and a liar with mental illness.
He has the nerve to reveal all these things to me telepathically daily. He hates me cause he knows I will tell. And also cause I am not famous enough too be near him. And yet I am not unfamous either.
He insults my looks. Sying I lok like a boy. He says I am a spabook. He says I am fat and ugly and I shouldnt have asked for his soul and mind. He says it was my fault he hid out and said he was a dead man. Which is true along with the media frenzy! Now you all know why he is hiding but now revealing himself to us. Many of us are confused. We would rather see him dead,then know he is alive and well and this was a hoax. And that he has ties to a fan like me,who is seen as a hater. That is how bad this ordeal has become! I am Trinette Rani Johnson aka Trin20t. I am all over the internet and even on game sites. Even Google knows who I am and so does his estate now cause of Taj Jackson who is in it for life.  :) Read the news about all of it. I am sure you'll notice things unless you are blind.
He even lies to us in his private circle. I have been apart of his circle since 2005.
I am not just a fan. My own cousins know who he is. Magic Johnson and his wife!
Magic was said to be my fathers third cousin. There are photos of his father we keep too.
Also his own nephews Taj Jackson and TJ Jackson know who I am too.
I used to run for Taj. I also am known for hacking his accounts on many a Jackson forum and amongst fans! I am that popular online.
Even many of Michael's own impersonators are my good online friends.
Only a few I have met in the flesh.
I even had Tatiana Thumbzen as a friend too,who Michael claims he cant even rememeber anymore since loosing his mind back in June 25th,2009.
If you listen to his songs backwards too he sounds like he is telling someone to believe and that he is indeed in trouble with his self.  And I also have seen Michael once when I was in a near-death experience. I saw Michael literally insult a heavenly being and then he changed back and fourth his face before God. Then He saw me,and disapeared right pass me. I woke up feeling sick. I was in the hospital.
If you look at all the photos and data it does not add up that he is dead.
Many fans say "oh let MJ rest in peace. He is in heaven". Right! Heaven is not for a rich sinner like him!
He will never make it. His estate is worth millions of dollars. Even his family are rich too.
The bible says that it is hard for rich man to make it to heaven,as it is for a camel to enter the eye of a sewing needle!
And other fans say he is an angel? Ha! Noone has sen how a real angel looks. I mean we see art of white statues and paintings. We see cherubs and things. But these are romantized art.
I mean really all angels are white men with wings and long hair who look like dainty women? No!
And therefore Michael isnt one either. If he was,he be a fallen angel on earth. One of the Watchers. One in the book of Enoch. There are many. Also arch angel Michael in the bible says he fell with his army and so did Satan and his! So these are evil angels on earth not good! How behind is humanity on religion?
This man was not perfect. He had surgery,he hated his father,and he lied,and he wanted to be like a God amongst men. And that is sinful to the real God in heaven!
So as I have written here,if you believe keep beleiveing and follow the white rabbit.
If you dont then,have mercy on your soul. The truth is here to see. :)

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