Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Need a cool free phone?

I have four phones myself,but if you need a government phone there is no better deal then on American Assistance!
I got a white LG Rumour Reflex free from them! It is a texting phone with touchscreen. It came with everything I needed to send text and call out.
It came in under 10 days.
Now most of the phones from the government are cheap and you are lucky if you get one that supports wallpaper and ringtone downloads. The best service that have phones that support this is Assurance Wireless. Still  the phone is cheap and only does the basic. The phone has no touchscreen or easy texting or even micro-SD. Now the phones from American Assistance have all this and still are free!
You get a really modern phone for free. Not a cheapo phone.
Now there is no data plan with either one or any MMS. Just basic texting and calling. I love my LG Rumour from American Assisitance. It's a good phone,and texting and calling is easy. I got a good phone.
If you dont mind getting a good phone that is a texter or touchscreen or a smartphone,give American Assistance a try.It's free!
To get started try this link:

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Decembers impersonator!

It's almost December. I want to say this was easy. This impersonator was last years impersonator of the month. I'd like to say this one is really good. MJ in his 50's! She does MJ justice! I am talking about....

Elena Romanenkova! Congrats ER. I love you!

check out Gus Jackson's page!

I am trying to get more people to check out his page. It's the least I can do to help him.
I love him dearly.
Check out his page here:

His Youtube

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