Sunday, January 20, 2013

sergio cortes parra's deep voice!

So he talks lighter in some video then in others. I noticed. See here:

Here his voice sounds deeper and sexy.
Here is the one where it is light:

michael jackson's deep voice!

In my mind since asking for his soul June 27th,2009 it sounds deep like his father like baritone,but I noticed his voice is deep in these videos.

Pablo Cortes aka Sofurgofromashes/SITD might be Sergio!

I noticed their lastnames are Cortes and both are from Spain.
Alot of people say this is MJ. There are differences and i doubt MJ would be hiding out in Spain using that name.
Also Sergio's full name is Sergio Perseus Pablo Cortes and he has been a fan same time as Sergio.
Here is some video as well as his info:

Michael is Pablo :) Michael is ALIVE!!!!!! :) yea :) 

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