Friday, January 25, 2013

MJ is a fallen angel on earth hiding as a new Mesiah!

So I was anointed by a priest recently,and told him I hear MJ and weird things.
He said he saw a vision of MJ in hell and on earth with huge black wings. And that he dances with fire around him. 
And that the hoax is a bunch of lies to hide him on earth.
That MJ sold his soul to the devil so much he can't do anything right anymore!
The priest said he enjoyed MJ''s old sound and Thriller,but that after all the hype tore him apart.
He also said it was corruption to call him a god or pray to him and idolize him to extremes as some do.
He said Jesus gets overlooked by most fans nowdays because of his looks,which he copied from above! That he is so powerful on earth that even righteous get confused! He told me keep praying and to raise my voice about him even if people don't listen.

I also found out that Cher revealed on the Queen Elizabeth cruise that they were gonna "change Michael". Change his skin.
Michael also sings about a "river boat cruise and she was well aware". In PRICE OF FAME!
See video of her telling all:
The priest said MJ tried to deny things but the media knew and he tried to hide for years.
His demons and his fans sent him to hell he said.
That it was hard for him to pass into heaven cause of his fame and god-like reign on earth like he Jesus.
That people think he is child-like and can do no wrong because of voice and hidden sins! God said "hath not any god before me". And we fans make him into one.
He is a saint,god of love,innocent,arch angel Michael,Jesus,ect. All corruption!
People think fallen angels are demons with red skin and pointy tails and horns.
Or weird alien beings. But they are humaonoid with huge wings they hide. Looking like bog lights at times on earth too! There are thousands amongst men.
When Satan fell less than half of his army fell with him on earth! They are here with him chain to judgement and darkness forever!
The book of Enoch discribes them.
Many of Satan's army are MJ fans too hiding.
This is why MJ did so well with his albums.
He put on a pale face and curly black locks and a nose like Peter Pan for a show that "I am like god worship me. Worship my voice and dance."
In the song MORPHINE he reveals it! "Just in me,trust in me,put all your trust in me! You're doing Morphine!"
Also in other song he left unpublish as a demo called ALL I NEED,he sings "close your eyes imagine i'm taking you away....tonight."
Why would he sings such things? Taking us away and that we are all he needs in his life.
And that ro trust in him or the drug Morphine.
He even swears badly and calls himself a swine down the line!
It is time we fans awake to this. We over look the real angels that give and worship God for a man who had no photos of Jesus or a cross at Neverland ranch or who even prayed out loud much around many!
All he did was morph around millions of times,sing,crotch grab,moonwalk,and give to children charities and things. Children were redemed to him as angels.
Most fans he has are young and foolish or middle-aged and raised on his fame!

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