Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sergio Cortes Parra is a unrighteous man! Doesn't beleve in God!

He just posted about his house being cold and a spirit around,and that he was stripping.
As I said before this man makes fun in his Facebook about "states" and even says things two-faced about me being "bad people" and more. I hear a voice in my head as is insulting me and things which is evil trying to corrpupt me and I pray. This voice sounds like evil. And he even said he was coming for Sergio's soul! I heard him ask out right for Sergio's soul! He told him direct to come away from the lord!
I just sent Sergio a warning since he said his house is cold and it is indeed a sign of a spirit.
I warned him and he insulted me in two-faced speech and removed me again! All I did was warn him to pray and that I sensed evil around. He insulted me saying "evil people around me".
This evil voice I hear is worst now. I even felt a being get directly in my body one night while resting after it out right asked for Sergio to come away from the lord!
Also when I view photos of him and look into his eyes now I feel sick. Like a sickness.
And shockingly he caught flu around the same damn time this being entered my body and I caught flu!
I am sending all a warning about this man. He has very few American fanbase as well now. I was the strong point. The only American black and Asian and Native American fan he knew. The rest are Hispanic and Latina. He wants to be like Michael Jackson but failed badly. I have deleted all American groups and pages he has as well and his site I have removed and put up to his official Facebook profile to exploit him! You will still see my posts on it revealed to all. Also he eats Chinese food around his friends while praising Mexico. He also pretends to meditate and and be Buddhist with a statue on his table in his house! I am annoyed by him being that I have Asian blood. I even mentioned if he was Buddhist to all on his account and he ignored it!

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