Saturday, February 9, 2013

My mothers family!

I love being a black American Indian of Choctaw blood. My great-grandma looked a lot like me!
I include a pic of her in black and white.
I have discovered other black Choctaw girls and guys as well. Here are a few of my second and third cousins:

This is the real me 2013!

My full real name is Trinette Rani Johnson aka Trin. My mom was gonna name me Trinette Rani Webster.
I am a part of MJ's secret circle and it is pretty big. I have been in it since 2005.
I know his nephew Taj Jackson as well as Taryll online. I also know Taj's wife.
Even his brother Tito Joe has tweeted me on Twitter!
I also am good friends with Ecasanova Evans on Facebook and Myspace.
I am 33 and from Cincinnati,Ohio in America.
I was born and raised here. I grew up near Norwood in Evanston,Ohio for 22 years on Ruth avenue.
I am 5 feet 4 and 320 pounds.
I have schizophrenia now because of Michael Jackson playing with my mind and get $616 a month for SSI as well as Foodstamps. I live in Northside with my mother in Camp Washington,Ohio.
My race is Madagascarian,Biracial,and Black Native American. As well as Creole blood.
My mother is Joan Frances Webster and she is black Native American and Creole.
Her grandma was full blooded Choctaw and third nation. She is on the Dawes Rolls.
My mom is 73 and has mental illness.
My dad Woodrow Wilson Johnson,was black of mixed Madagascarian and biracial blood. His father was half White and half West African and a preacher. My fathers mother  Ophila James Lockheart,was West African and a share cropter. My dad died at age 90 in 2010. He has been married three times. My step-sister Lottie is by another man and not my fathers blood. She is all black and age 71.
She had two younger sisters who were by another man who was biracial of White and Cherokee blood. These are my aunts who died.
I am an budding Astrologer,tarot reader,budding drummer,webmaster,poet,telepath,and computer specialist.
I have a 9th grade education and trying to go back and attend Penn Foster Highschool online.
In 2009 I asked God for Michael Jackson's soul thinking he was a good man and tried to save his soul from all the evil.
A lot of people like to spread lies about me. Insults about my looks saying I am Fat Albert,Precious, and that I am retarded and nappy headed and wear weave and bald. I never have and never will be!
My hair is naturally kinky straight and gets curly when wet or braided. It used to be pass my shoulders and very thick. Now it is just barely to my shoulders and above in a Deva cut.  My mom and I cut it shorter twice. I have had about 5 perms in my life time too. I like to wear my hair braided a lot since age 3. I hardly wear it straightened or a loose because people say things and my hair gets frizzy and bushy-curly. A lot of black women have said things about my hair saying it's pretty and good.
Hair gel helps though. I use simple hair care products for frizzy hair and braid spray and detangler always. Other times I use curly hair products like World Of Curls.

This is me now with cornrows in back and a Deva cut curls in front.
I just took these with my Macbook. 

The real MJ!

So I am hearing Michael Jackson in my mind still insulting me daily for hours since asking God for his soul thinking he was a sweet man and using my mental telepathy on him! It is him! He calls me "spa book" and "nigger" and "ugly black boy". This man is insane and alive while dead. He stole a picture of me as a baby a came on it in 2009!  It's a hoax he is dead and a nasty one. He is evil and hideous doing voodoo and hating things! He says "sperm on a black baby" and "retarded nigger" and worst "nappy headed ugly old woman". He keeps saying he wants to cut my brain open and cut my face off. This is how ugly he really looks in a photo:
This man is not even himself and most in his circle like me knew it! 

Sergio Cortes Parra is a fake Buddhist!

He is Spanish and yet pretends to be Buddhist and like Asian things and add them to his house.
And yet he tries to ignore me and it feels odd around him. He keeps banning my accounts and blocking me off his groups. I am black and Asian and it disgraces me to see him act this way.
Eating Asian food while talking about Mexico. Saying his religion is "other" while meditating out on his Facebook in a odd way! I even told him about his Chinese zodiac sign the metal pig,and he tried to say being such is distatestful and saying he was just a leo to me.
I also showed him food from a local Chinese place here on his account and he said it was too much on his plate! He is an odd man and I have noticed how odd he is.

Graduation 2018 at iKron!

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