Sunday, February 10, 2013

This is what Sergio wrote on his Facebook!

"Dicen que cuando baja la temperatura en casa, es por que algun espiritu anda cerca...pues caray!..mi casa debe de estar plagada...hace un frio que pela!...hahahha!"

in English:
"say that at low temperature at home, is that any spirit walking about... because wow!..."My House must be littered with... it's cold stripping!... hahahha!"

He writes odd things like this now in bad Spanish publicly then around me writes English and Spanish perfectly in private messages?
Odd man! He also wrote something about a lion and a monkey. And says he is just a leo. LOL
Also he hears and says odd things in his mind but hides it.  He can speak telepathically to me!
I hear everything he says mentally and you'd be shocked to know about it. :) 

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