Thursday, February 14, 2013

The truth about Sergio Cortes Parra!

You guys wont believe this,but I used a search on Sergio by name and location on in his native of Spain to find records! I looked for both Sergio Cortes and Sergio Cortes Parra. Most searches said he was either old,married, or dead! Only one shows a similar info for a man around his age, and that is that he is named Sergio H. Parra and born in the USA! He was born in Santa Cruz,California! That would explain why he can privately write proper English to me on his account and why he was in New Year City as well.
Here is the link:

Also I looked up the person Sergio H. Parra and found a man who is a lawyer and kinda fat.
He looks similar to Sergio around the face which is a shocker. Either Sergio was heavy and lost alot of weight and decided to act like MJ or Sergio is using a fake name to hide his real one as a impersonator.

Photos of both in the post!

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