Sunday, February 17, 2013

Off topic: My health and MJ!

OMG I have bad insomnia since birth.
Sometimes I sleep well and dream like in another world.
But lately my sleeping is bad due to hearing insulting voices in my head 24/7 since after Michael Jackson died and I asked God for access to his heart and soul.
Everyone close to me remember this.
I am on all types of medication and have sensations I never had before.
ESP -like ability where I can see visions in my mind,feelings like I am on fire,feeling of something moving in my body,lack of sleep,dizziness,headaches,and often vomiting. I take these same meds Michael took too...





And in 2010 and 2011 I was told by a doctor I had iron defeciate anemia and was to take iron tabs for 6 months!
I don't know what is wrong with me.
These voices lie to me and insult like I don't exist to them. They try to get me to do nothing but lie or try and control me. They say I am just ugly,lazy,and odd. That I am some computer-like being.
They insult my own family too! And odd I heard them mention slurs like Michael did saying "spa book".
I see a shrink at this place(link below just click it):

My shrink is Dr. Gail Hellmann there. She helps get my meds and I see her ever other month.
She told me Michael had these symptoms too and that he could be haunting my soul since I asked out of lust.
She told me pray and take my pills and go to church and ignore the hate.
I try but at times it is very hard.

Off topic: Any smokers? Try vaping with me! (links provided below each paragraph)

So I used to hate the smell of cigs. Ugh! The only kind I kinda liked was menthol my dad smoked for years. So on a whim I tried to smoke on at 15. LOL
I am not sure if it was lit. I just funny trying it.
I always said after I might try it if it becomes more futristic and someone leaves out the horrid smell and ashes and tobacco. Well,guess what? Have you tried E-Cigs? Electroinc cigarettes? I have in 2010 after my dad died. I found out about them and wished he'd only knew how enjoying they are. I smoke them as a tribute to him! I smoke all kinds,but the best is,E-Cig, and!
It last as long as 2 packs of regulars and taste good without the bad smell. It is vapor. Just water vapor with a nice smell and tastes the same.
I am doing it now. Smoking a e-cig in menthol and chilling out with Chillout on.
Happy Sunday!
If you smoke and want to quit or just try vaping something safer give these a try ok?
Here is the best kind out there and you can try it free of charge plus shipping...

Free e-cig from!

I also smoke e-cigs too in many flavors. My fave is the Pina Colada and the Raspberry.
They kinda get bad after a few puffs so be warned. More the more you puff the worst the flavor starts to get in your mouth. NJoy is stronger.
I recommend you try the disposables first called Barfly,then move up.
Here is a link to my have disposable from Vapage:

Try the Barfly e-cig from Vapge!

Lastlly,I smoke this kind as well from in blue berry! It cost abit so be warned.
This kit last a few months to a year!
They are the worst ones but have a huge supply and kinda cheap in bulk.
The taste is like tobacco with a blue berry taste then it tastes plastic-like. Be warned.

Victory Starter Kit for $60!

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