Friday, March 8, 2013

Mental medium-ship with MJ!

So I am on a MJ death hoax chat tonight (thanks all for the chat).
Some have asked if I am real about it. I am. I was born with wide telepathic ability.
I also have like a medium-like connection with both MJ and with Sergio Cortes Parra.
Both are indeed alive. But the ability I have can be hell on a person if you get me. ;)
All I need is a photo of a person and to ask God if I can "hear" them using my gift.
I also can just ask God to talk to said person.
Which is what I did on June 29th,2009 at around 2 am.
I started immediately hearing MJ's voice. It wasn't just him I heard either,but two voices.
One like MJ's father and one like himself!
It  is a interesting sensatioon. Now I also have visions of both MJ and Sergio.
I believe the connection has to be two-way. The other person has to be deeply spiritual.
The reason I said MJ is in hell,is how he says things to me about myself as if he is annoyed by me or he is either a lost person and needs to find himself.
I can not connect with dead people! You need to be alive and have some type of telepathicness or  have some kind of spiritual bond at birth.
MJ said himself awhile back in a interview that he is indeed telepathic. This is why I can hear him people!
It is a rare gift but a good one to be born with ESP.
I am getting tire of explaining myself. I will be delteing old videos and post and making this more clear. Thank you all for the support! :) 

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