Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Michael Jackson is Dangerous!

This is the truth. Michael is indeed such. When he died about 13 to 20 fans killed themselves or tried that day and week.  I aks for his soul around this time too. And he has been a lost soul since. Edited pics of him from TII, death hoax pics which look like him from BAD erra and from his late You Are Not Alone videos are shown as him dead on a hospital bed. All of these things re odd. Even his tribute on tv and his family having his funeral was odd. Closd casket and a bunch of BAD erra pics round both then and at the funeral. Even the family funeral was odd! It looked like a night in Cali but other pics show his close friends there at the funeral in the morning or afternoon! Weird?
And on Forestlawn's site when looking online for the burial spot it does not exsist for MJ at all. And the Jackson brothers went to another chirch to spend time in the Jackson's series nd act like MJ is either hidding or indeed in a state of pergatory. His brother Jermaine said that MJ was "gone before went even came to the airport." Othr clues are there too. I am no believer completely,but the things MJ's spirit says to me as a medium,have led me to believe he has lost his mind and has become so corrupt he has to pretend in this "hoax" he himself created. He even wrote a story about a movie of his life. That he'd be "dead to the world". It was supposed to be a movie of the biggest hoax in the world. But MJ lost his mind after all of it set in motion and he found out that this wasn't just a hoax but that he was becoming corrupt and scared of the media and his past. MJ is alive but his spirit wonders around outside his own body. He sold his sold to the devil even h said. And with all he did to hid and these fans dead,he has become almost Satanic to deal with to a real Christin fanbase. 

Michael jackson mediumship: the truth about me!

So people think i see ghosts or ask for ghosts and all. And that i m crazy.
I am not. I am a medium. I have had mediumship with MJ who has a totured soul in pergatory since June 29th,2009.  I first thought it was schizoprenia and started seeing a shrink and taking Risperdol,Haldol,Flufinazine,ect. Nothing works! Been in hospital psyc wards about seven times too. Still see visions,use my ability,feel someone trying to see and hear thru me,and smell and feel odd sensations like pinches and like things being spit on me. This is not hullucinations!
This never ceases even with prayer and rest. It is on-going.
I do get SSI every month tho for it. But it is really not insanity. I never did this until after Michael faked or is indead consider dead. Do i think he is dead? Yes! I am not a believer. But there are those who pretend to be him very badly out there like Sofurgofromashes,Peterpan PYT,ect.  They are fans and impersonators. I will be doing a video on Youtube tonight. All old videos will be removed. 

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