Tuesday, March 19, 2013

MJ Impersonator of the month of March-April!

I love this guy from Spain more than Sergio,mostly cause we are the same sign of Scorpio and he looks a lot like MJ to me and likes alot of big women who are his fans. He has alot of them around and therefore he is speacial to me!
Add his account: http://www.facebook.com/gus.jackson2?fref=ts
This is how beautiful he is:

MJ and most impersonators hate big women!

So I noticed how MJ said he liked certain women who were white or slender.
Later he became atacjed to Lisa Marie who got up to almost 200 pounds reccently and it didn't last at all.
After her,he was barely friends with Debra Rowe,who is a BBW and his nurse. She thought he was a real man who liked sex with all women.
He would think badly of her all the time,and couldn't have sex with her cause big women are ugly to him.
He barely thought beautiful women were important either unless you looked like a model and was wealthy enough. And he teased his fans who were mostly slender young white women.
Debra Rowe came from a wealthy background and is Jewish,so it is only fair he'd marry her.
He treated her like a serogate. As long as the kids were there she was ok. And she loved the kids more than him then. Now she barely cares! He insulted her so badly she didn't want her own two kids with him anymore! She trusted him until she found out he could barely ejaculate and when he did,he was so off,he would mix his own sperm with that of other men he knew. Thinking he could have a biracial child just by blending his sperm with theirs. She even said that the children (Paris and Prince) were not by him.
Also MJ would insult me too in this mental telepathic mediumship as well as online while he was in this death hoax. He would say I look ugly,nappy headed,500 pounds,and dark as hell just by seeing my pics around the internet including here. He even tried to see right thru me and say I was a fat boyish woman and worst than any woman he knew!

And let me bring up the impersonators around. All of the many men I know on Facebook and in real life as good impersonators dont have big women around at all which seems biased because there are big women who are MJ fans. They will talk to you these men but so far as have you around it is a no no. They act gay or asexual or biased.
I would like to find a good MJ impersonator that likes big women myself as a girlfriend as well as just to be friends with.  

MJ is insulting me and acting odd on Facebook!

He has many accounts on Facebook trying to hide as well as on Twitter.
The worst set are these:



And worst is that I have a mediumship with MJ's spirit while he is alive like this? Lord!
He even stole my abay pic off my account when I knew him on his other account he had up trying to hide as Michael Videoson. This is said pic:

Me at 5 days old. Born at Bethesda North Hospital in Cincinnati,Ohio.

He had the nerve to insult me as the baby saying it wasnt me.
And worst telepathically he told me he came on the pic and said it was like him and that he wanted a a baby like it with me!
Well look below. Here is a pic of a lil girl he posted up under the above facebook account and said the baby would be delieved to him as one of his new children named Hadley:

MJ keeps wearing a wedding ring too since me and him were openly playing as engaged on his Facebook.
He also refuses to add me as a friend as well! Which he started doing after I made this blog and after the fans found out we were together and the insulting started up.

Truth about me,E'Csanova, and my son!

I have no son by anyone nor do I have a real husband or boyfriend. Never been on a date or had sex with a man. I hardly fantasize about it. I have a love/hate with my looks.
I like to tease a lot. I am an asexual person and cause of my urinary tract infections I kept getting over and over as well as my illnesses,I may be sterile or will have a child with a horrid infection.
I have been off and on all my life. I also have been obese all my life too!
I was often not sleeping and would get very ill like flu,anemia,UTI,mental,illness,vomiting,dizziness,ect.
I still at times am this way. Get SSI each month for $616.
So I pretend I have a child by either E'Casanova or by Maestro of Ghosts who is MJ in 1997 when I was 17 and in school.
Alot of fans use the surname Jackson because MJ said he married his fans and his family just be talking about it. But really we all have no ring now do we?
E'casanova is my Facebook friend and now it seems his account is gone. Other accounts may be fake.

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