Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where is the real Ecassanova at?

Some asked before if he was dead,and yes his publicist said he was ill. Ecas was not seen on tour or in public for two years after saying he was ill and retiring. The truth is he told me he had heart disease and that he had surgery on his heart and was indeed in the death hoax itself. This was reccent on his private Facebook account which he had changed around so no one would know he was on Facebook. Now his account got deactivated and some fans he knew think I did it. Wrong!
And odd too is the Ecas on Twitter is posting perfectly but will not follow me but I follow him.
This is the one we think is him:
Funny too is Ecas used to use the name E'Casanova then he put the Evans part,and now it is Exavier E'Casanova Evans.
He is a nice person though and I love him alot.
He needs an official twiiter and Facebook. His manager was on Facebook as him once too and said he had no Facebook. Now you see random accounts with his name and it is hard to say if it is him.
And his Myspace is just a fanpage not an official profile. His twiter isnt official.
It is sad that this man is like this. He is the most popular impersonator of MJ we knew of from years ago,and yet it seems he is not even real anymore.

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