Monday, April 29, 2013

Sofurgofromashes aka Pablo Jackson bka MJJ is in love with Trin?

Tired ofvthis man having this nasty mental telepathy! He is evil.
This man is literally odd. Looks and acts like MJ himself but lies to us. Except to me!
Has the nerve to insult me. He fell in love with me in 2010. He thought my name was Trin Johnson or something. The name I go by around family is simply that! Trin is short or Trinette or Trinity. It is half of my name,and my father used it around me along with my mother since i was 4.
I find it rude this man knew my name is Trinette, but started hearing thru me or whatever and calling me Trin. He lost his mind and whenever i say my full name,he thinks i am totaly different from that same person. It is insanity! When i reveal who i am,he insults me either telepathically acts odd on all his "fake" accounts hevas up. All one needs dobis mention my names this way to him for him to delete you or block you or curse you out! It brings the devil outvof him and reveals him to all that we know eachbother very closely. He hates the way i look and thinks i look odd and am a oddball. Then turns around and talks to me privately and adds my accounts again just to be noisey.

Hiatus from the site!

Just to inform all I will be away awhile. I am dealing with very horrid condition where I hear nasty sounding voices and insults and sucking sounds repeatedly! It is worst now than ever!
Since June 29th,2009 i have been hearing these voices after asking for Michael's soul. Since,weird occurrence have gone done. Even on November 15,2010 which was my 31st birthday,Sofurgofromashes joined and said he was MJ. And this was the time that I heard these two voices. Both revealing themselves as one.... MJ!
And a week later I was in the local psyc ward. 2011 around November I found him hiding on Facebook as Mike Jackson. He was playing around with Iris Jackson.
Since then he has made many an account like a fangirl or fanboy would.
And in 2012 he left Twitter and came back as the accounts he has up now. There are a total of 6.
None official either!
Guess why? Cause hevis supposed to be dead. But he is alive to most.
And his mind is like two people. He is gone even in his mind. I know because he lost himself little by little. Now,he wants me to loose myself too. So i am offline for awhile.
If you care,you know where to find me.

-trinette rani aka mystyc bka trin jackson

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