Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gus Jackson from Carnaria Island is my best friend!

I really love him alot as a friend. I just became friends with him on Facebook. But I found out he has been one of my dear faithful Twitter friends and followers for awhile. I didn't know that.

Michael Jackson trends for 5 mins in my area of Ohio!

Yes this was sweet! I helped it trend on Twitter lastnight in Cincinnati,Ohio for 5 mins and 32 seconds. :)
I took this screenie. My desktop is boring I know....

Sad thing is Sofurgofromashes is playing around as James Lo on  his account.
And yes it is really is Michael but most don't believe it is him. I know the truth though.
This game he plays is vulgar and rude
He even took me off his account,blocked me,and stole pics off my site. He keeps running his mouth about Trin20t and me. When he finds out who I am he freaks out like a scared cat!
He keeps insulting me telepathically too! Now even Robeson is after his angelic ass too! Sad. :(
This is Sofurgofromashes aka MJ's new twitter:
This one is him too:
His Facebook:

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