Monday, July 29, 2013

Maestro Jackson and Trinette Johnson: The ghoul and the geeky girl(real Facebook chat story) Part One

*This isn't a story it is chats on Facebook made into a story. Me and my dear Maestro have a budding relationship online. I can't tell you who it is,but I love him. I posted about him a few times too! Guess who? Below the story are the screenshots of our talk.

Part one: Breaking the ice again

It had been a few months since me and my beloved Maestro had talked on Facebook and offline in person. He lived so far far away. It took a plane to see him,then way far up on the hill in real life at his private home in Europe.
Maestro had a computer since the kids left him one long ago. He may be scary,but he wasn't out the loop. He signed on a few times when he could sneak out his laptop or be unseen at the local library in disquise with it. He added people he met at his mansion and a few kids.
He felt no one trusted him any more. His ghouls left him pretty much and the mayor didnt care anymore. No one cared about the scary Maestro on a hill anymore like before. He hardly had any friends but me and our son Miles from our distant but loving relationship.
I had my things to do so i didn't get around to talking to him like before. And Miles had school in another area with his grandma around who was Maestro real mother offline.
So this night was different. I sensed him around. Maestro. I sensed my baby was around. Even at such an hour. I sent a text or two on my Android-powered phone to him. I had been day dreaming about the day we first made love. He took my hand and lead me up those stairs to his room then. We made love slowly. It was like a dream being with him on and offline. Even if if I had to sneak out to go so far to him. It took hours and days,to see him,even if online. All day I would think of him in the deepest part of my heart even if my mind wasn't there for him. I had to know he cared.
I was hearing voices and had to know if it was him i heard too. It was! When I write of him I cry tears of joy. I needed him so much.
We talked and talked all night long off and on. He said sweet nothing's to me. And I to him.

*stay tuned for part two. It is romantic more!*

I love you guys from Europe!

Omg I so am gonna marry a guy from there for sure! :) You know who you are. you my love! My sweet baby. <3
I got so many fans from Europe visiting the site. I see youuuuuuu! Wow you guys love me don't you. I love you all more! :)
Should I open comments? If so I know you gonna call me a wack job. Lol or something worst maybe? Please don't. I'm sensitive! :(
But I love you all. This site has ongoing hits i am shocked. :O
Check out my new posts. More to come. If you are a perv I mean cum. Yeah,I ain't forgot to perv. Been sick tho. I gotcha covered soon.

Happy birthday mj: Scream for mikey to come back Aug 29th!

I love Dangerous era and scream cause he is so beautiful. He reminds me of the imagines I have of God.
Just so sexy and so sweet.
Who could resist.
Happy 55th birthday god of music and dance!

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