Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Maestro attacks me in a dream Monday morning!

Yes at first the dream was erotic. Video of men all shirtless and poised showed on large tvs above me. Michael was one of them. It looked like I was in a school classroom being taught. All white room. Suddenly all vanished and it wa just Maestro behind me,making demonic sounds like a zombie. I looked at him troubled a minute. Then I gave myself to him. He bit into my throat,and I couldn't breath. He bit deep,and I could feel the sting! I saw blood gush out everywhere. It was o gruesome seeing Maestro feed off me,I woke up numb.
I didn't know what to say. I couldn't speak for 30 mins! And my Maestro isn't on right now. Last I asked him if he was real and how old he was. He left. Poor me. I upset a ghoul. Now with this,I am a vampire or something.

Graduation 2018 at iKron!

I got my Educational/GED Prep Award on Friday at iKron! I am not sure if I can get into college again with it,but my other certificate fr...