Monday, August 12, 2013

Maestro's son Miles turns 4!

It's been awhile since he was born hasn't it. Well,he is four years old and cute as a button!
He takes after me and his dad(can't tell you who for real it's private).  He loves to play cards with "the family" of ghouls a lot.
He also,likes to play checkers and the card game spades. He isn't allowed outside,for the many people here will talk. Some already talk about Maestro being real or not and having a son. The truth is here.
He has a son named Miles Maestro Jackson. Named after his father Maestro Michael Jackson!
I can't tell you much about Miles cause it is a secret. But I can tell you I adore him. He's my lil sponge of love. Like Blanket is a blanket of love. Miles sucks it up and scrubs you with it. LOL
I love you Miles.

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