Thursday, December 12, 2013

My interview with Gus Jackson!

 I talk to him often in private,but for the site I recently decided to do an interview with him.
Here is our short interview..

ME: Gus I wanted to know how you got into dancing to MJ's music?
Like what inspired you?
And how do you make those Megajacko remixes?

GUS: Thank you.
I began to imitate MJ on coincidence. 1993 was the year of the Canary Carnival(very popular here).
I dressed like him.
The crowd went crazy taking me photos...
After that I dance at parties in a small village on the island and gradually went professional at dancing.
Had a VHS of  MJ that almost burned that I learned to dance to his music.
Learn his dance steps.

With remixes it started in 2001 or 2002.
I think it helped me make the fact that I have the career of music.
Music theory.
To cast away hatred of it.
I re-create it.


Gus Jackson and MLC Moses!

Gus got interviewed the other night from someone close to MJ.
Moses interviews MJ.
I also interviewed Gus and that is now posted.

Gus Jackson
Hello good rainy nights ! hehe ...

Mlc Moses
I have had the pleasure to see one of your performances are you aware of how happy you make so many people only see you?

Gus Jackson...
Well , I 'm really realizing and assimilating in the last two or three years ...
During this last stage of my career I have seen many people approach me after shows to just hug , thanking me for them or just dreaming excited imagining , I suppose, they see the same Michael Jackson in front of them ..
It is an incredible feeling and very difficult to explain ...

Mlc Moses
What is it that brings you to begin to imitate Michael Jackson? Tell us your good and bad moments early

Gus Jackson
Good good ... Well, as a fan of MJ I can tell you that life called me much attention , small and I spent the day dancing and singing , while other kids played football that was my favorite hobby , growing and reaching adolescence attracted me even more Michael , was in 1991 with the release of his album " Dangerous" with which I gave to her feet , after that, I started to mimic his dance moves as hobie ...

Gus Jackson
Two years later, almost by accident , village festivals were coming , it was the summer of 93

Gus Jackson
I cheered and did a fairly modest Starring in "Black or White"
The thing was more because there between a group of animation and then jump to clubs and shows ...
Years later I saw already in this whole world that I love and I never thought I would end up dedicating professionally ...

Mlc Moses
guess it's a dream that few meet in your life, to pursue what fills you up and pay you but ... you know that everything has its end ? plans have come that when that day comes ?

Gus Jackson
Well I have thought many times , I have several stories going around in my head like the music and I'm entitled musician among other things and the art world I love, , ,
But for the moment and if nothing happens I hope to give war a couple of decades ...

Mlc Moses
and look forward to seeing your show many , many years ... Thanks for your time and for being the great person you are God bless you!

Gus Jackson
Moses Thanks to you , I hope to see you soon and thank you in person the love you show me always ...

My unreleased tracks of MJ (Cascio or so-called Malachi tracks)

I'd like to share these files with you all. I put them on cd too.
I have a feeling that we will hear them on future cd's.
These aren't all my tracks I own a  more,but these are all I could share.


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