Saturday, October 4, 2014

Congrats to Nikki Goulart!

Congrats to...Nikki Goulart! He is October impersonator of the month. He also is my new friend. Thanks for checking out the blog Nikki. To find out more about Nikki check his Facebook and Page here:



Monday, September 29, 2014

thriller to go 3d in 2015!

landis has been fighting to get access to thriller from the estate. no he has won the fight!  thriller has finally come to 3d. it is said to be released by 2015. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

My Maestro stories moved to Wattpad!

For Maestro's birthday this Halloween I have moved the stories to Wattpad!
You can now read the best stories from there here. Simple look for Maestro or Michael Jackson.
The unedited versions of the stories are here.

Monday, September 1, 2014

my daughter with gus jackson!

Yet again i made another account for how my daughter with Gus Jackson would look. As some of you know i am in love with him even tho he maybe gay. we are friends. now the thing about this roleplay is that my bestfriend from the uk is in love with the idea. she roleplays as my daughter. well she tries anyway. her name is amy jane kemp from stockton. some of you may know the name. now my daughter looks more like her father than me. she is so cute!  have a look above.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Introducing my son Miles Maestro Johnson!

First off I dont have a son. I can't have kids to illness and a small uterus. My doc told me in 2013 about it. Plus I just have no lover or boyfriend or husband. I am a total loser at love! But if I did have a son, he'd be this cute...

Yes that's a morph of me and his father Maestro aka MJ!
I did one with Gus Jackson and Sergio too. All look similar. I guess cause I have Aborginal blood and Native American? I don't know.
But I love pretending to have a real son. I can adopt but I dont live on my own yet. I am always in a group home or shelter. 
Miles would be bad off.
I love the name Miles. I named him after Miles Davis and Miley Cyrus. LOL
If you look at the morph,he has my eyes. He has my hair too!  I would try intro-vitro but I can't carry the child without bad things in my blood. So I hope you all understand. Miles is a roleplay I do. I do it not for fun. I do it cause I love Miles and seeing how my  kids would look makes me happy. I thought they'd be ugly. :(  Tell me what you think of Miles.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Gus Jackson celebrates 20 years as MJ!

Gus will Be celebrating 20 years as a tribute artist live 13th of September at Disco Pub Cabali!
 Congrats Gus on 20 years as MJ! Love you. :) 

Gus Jackson aka Megajacko joins!

Gus joins the music management company as a tribute artist! He already runs his own production company named Alunia Productions. Congrats Gus on your many 20 years as the KOP!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Not a hate blog!

Ok so I noticed only hateful things get any attention here. Why? Like on my posts about Sergio and Gus. Why do you guys like that so? I am hating on them to you? I really am not! So I notice the other post get little hits or visits. That sucks. If this continues I will make these personal post! Thank you. 

Happy Birthday MJ from us here at the blog!

Happy Birthday Mr.Sexy! Hehe. :) Incase I said it before forgive me.
I love you so much. You are my hubby and my bestfriend and my "cuddle bear". I know you are alive!  

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A place with no name video debut!

michael's latest video came out just a few days ago. it features video footage of him from the in the closet video footage that was taken. it also features footage of michael from the dangerous outtakes. did you know the song also has music from leave me alone demo? and apart of the video version of the song has been edited.  why? no one knows. the video also was shown in nyc as a debut too! two fans filmed its debut in nyc on youtube. so what do i think about it? well, not sure if mike would be happy with sony doing this to him. then again they are trying to keep his image and message alive. so i think it is a good thing. sure its for money,but it also supports his family. so i have mixed feelings. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Mj Schizophrenia: what is it?

By now many have some type of mental illness. And that includes the MJ fans.
Some even have died from missing him so.
Now image loosing your mind because the man has died and you love him that much. Well June 27th of 2009,i lost my mind and my religion! That day i asked God for MJ to get in my head and heart. No matter the bad things to come. I wanted him to come around me. I asked for his soul and heart. I asked to be telepathically connected to him. Well i lost my mind then. All the symptoms of mania along with delusions and psychic predicuments followed. I could hear MJ and smell him. I could feel him clinging to my body. Hugging me. I could tell he changed and the devil won his soul too! I felt sick alot. I see visions of him noone sees. I can hear him laugh and tell me shut up. I can sometimes hear him in my room. My mania has it good qualities. I am loosing it to MJ and got money from the government cause of it. I get $629 a month for this weirdness. Been in a few hospitals randomly. And guess what? I take a few meds MJ took every day! One is lorzepram and the other is opioids and trazadone. I am also addicted to pain killers and take meds for sleep. I have a case manger named Briana Perry.And a shrink i see every month. Dr.Shah. i got to GCBHS here in Cincy. It is required. So after five years my Mj Schizophrenia has gotten better at times. Other times it horrid.  Three voices. Satan,MJ aka Daryl,and Gus/Sergio/MJ impersonator or unknown person. The Satan one is the worst. He slanders and changes his voice. Very tired of him. The Daryl aka MJ is funny and silly. Likes funny stuff and shows funny visions. Last is the unknown person saying they are Sergio Cortes or other times Gus Jackson. They seem confused about me. Learning and listening to my mind. Sometimes they blend in with the others and make me go manic! Whoever these people are they are men and abit crazy too. I pray this will end but it isnt. Sometimes i want to kill myself. I totally lost my mind cause of Michael. I hope others dont any more. Sometimes i stay up watching info on how he became evil. Indeed he is! Satan came around me or whomever this is. And the other voices are just as bad most times. All they do is slander me and get in my life! They lie too! I hope before i get too old this will stop. I have lost friends online and off cause of me.

Sorry to Gus Jackson aka Megajacko!

I am very sorry Gus. I didnt mean to write what I wrote on my Facebook wall. It was private but friends saw  it. I tried to remove it,but someone named Kaylin Jackson shared it before I could do anything! Kaylin said in her message to me yesterday she'd try to talk to you. I hope. I know it was unfair to you and I am sorry. Some MJ fans also talk about you to me. One guy I am friends with,made fun of you to me. He said you were ugly to him. That you look like a girl and need facial hair. I died! I wish they'd leave you alone. I know I can't please everyone. But I miss our friendship. I still support you on many sites. Hope you understand. I love you madly!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Gus Jackson aka Megajacko is a heartbreaker!

Gus and I were facebook friends and lovers for three years! Sweet messages and comments and virtual hugs and kisses.  Pretended to be kind to me. I did all the talking and supporting him in groups and forums and pages. All he cared about was the online friendship part. He did send me something in the mail from Alunia. His production company. Which is sweet but he does this to all of his facebook buddies he talks to. I didnt get a thing after. Not even an invite to come see him live in Canaria. He broke my heart saying i only like him cause of the MJ get up.That its just an impersonation. He hid his true self from me. I didnt know how he looked normally. I thought he was  that sexy even without the makeup. Later he came clean as Gus HS on Facebook. Short hair and very scruffy face. It was obvious he used some extras to make up his face. Also he wears a wig and a weave. Someone told me he cut off all his real hair. Sad. One guy told me Gus is a liar. He been performing 20 years in Carnaria and as a record store clerk. He didnt have sex until recent with a man and a woman.  That he is very shy. But has a sting sharper than a knife. Fuck with him he will kill you! That he is also very biased. Hates black women and fat people. This is all true! Also he is a mommas boy. Always around his mom and she buys his clothes.  Gus isnt very popular without  alot of my work either. I told hundreds about him from US to Asia on this blog and my groups and my Facebook pages. Also word of mouth to my casemangers and staff people. They are speechless! To most Gus is a dedicated performer and inspiration because of his impersonation. But he is not very popular outside of his country at all. Even in Spain he is second or third to Sergio Cortes who looks better and performs outside of Spain with a huge fanbase. Neither like each other or met in person.  One donates  money to. I really loved Gus. Mostly the images. Now his real self is out there and from what i saw he only adds other Latinos he knows to his real account as his private personal account as Gus HS.

Friday, August 1, 2014

this is the real gus jackson aka megajacko

hard to believe gus has short hair and a scruffy look without the makeup. he is 38 but looks 45.  wow hard to believe he dresses up and  looks this much better.  very good impersonation!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Get Xscape free from the local library!

You can get Xscape free via your local US library branch! Just use your card and pin,and download Freegal Music to your Android or IOS device.
The app is free and gives you access to downloading and streaming tracks or whole albums. Its great!
They have all of Michael's music for streaming or download. Again,its Freegal Music app from your local library that gives you access to free music.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

mj hologram at billboard awards!

I was in shock tonight. The hologram looked good to me but wasn't in complete sync. I still am impressed. Twitter is trending Slave To The Rythmn right now in the US!  Incase you missed the performance here it is again...
The person who was as MJ was non other than Chistopher Gaspar! He told us the other day about it on Facebook! 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New MJ album coming!

The new album comes out May 13th. It features the song Slave To The Rhythm and Do You Know Where Your Children Are. Most of the tracks I either heard before or have already. The album cover features Michael in a worm hole coming out of the universe.

Listen to Xscape Deluxe edition!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The secret of Gus Jackson aka Megajacko!

As much as women and kids love him and his shows,he hides a secret that to his close friends like me isnt a secret. Well....Gus is! Yes you heard right. He revealed it to me awhile ago via Facebook message,when i made a move on him. Claimed he tried it only years before 2013. No big deal to some but to others like me it breaks your heart to know this beautiful man is well a faggot. On his profile though,he has he is interrested in men and women. Bisexual i thought. Good too cause so am i! Cats out the bag for us both.
Now i hope this secret doesnt ruin our good relationship. We are friends. I was hoping more but alas this love went cold. I am not much in love anymore with him. We are just friends. He threw me a curve ball! :'(

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I hate BJ Hickman the so-called fan of MJ!

Not to stir up trouble but i cant stand BJ.
Many times he promised we would support 3T and MJ together and it never worked out. He called me a liar and a MJ hater. He even called me a stalker when after a few months i tried to contact him again to appologize. I may not be as popular as him with MJ fans but still I am no hater. I have my oppinions about things. I dont hate. I have been thru a lot. BJs big ass got credit for being at the 2005 trial and getting in Diane Diamonds face. He called her a bitch and a hater. She isnt. She just is a media jocky like them all. She listens to MJs music like us all. If anything BJ is a hater of realist. Everthing isnt honky dory with MJ.  It never was or will be. And yes i say odd things at times here and post pornish things on this here blog. But i am still a fan. I buy the albums and merch. I been to the concerts. That will never change. No matter what people say.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I miss Sergio Cortes! I am sorry to hurt him.

I really miss him. I have been blocked from seeing his account on Facebook and from some other sites. I really am sorry to hurt him. I never meant to exploit him or destroy his persona. Sergio if you are out there I am sorry! Please forgive me!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

February's impersonator of the month!

I'd like to say that I have been a fan of this guy for sometime. He's been impersonating for 25 years!  His father was sick recently and he is spending time with him a lot. I only wish I had spent time with my dad before he died.
This guy has impersonated for years and has his own radio show.
I'm pleased to say that.....
David Gemini is February's impersonator of the month! Congrats David.
Check David out on Facebook here:

David Gemini's Facebook

Site of the month!

I love internet radio and thanks to Gus Jackson(love you Gus),I found this site!
They play MJ all day and night. I had a site like it long ago called MJ RADIO WAVE.
Its dead,but glad to see that this site is alive and playing.
I am talking about the site over at...

It's this months site of the month! Congrats guys over there. :)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Site of the month!

The new site by Peter Midani and fans is the site of the month!
It features cool fan art,and lovely extras. Pretty soon maybe some poetry and stories. Its a great fan site. Come and check it out.

Graduation 2018 at iKron!

I got my Educational/GED Prep Award on Friday at iKron! I am not sure if I can get into college again with it,but my other certificate fr...