Saturday, August 2, 2014

Gus Jackson aka Megajacko is a heartbreaker!

Gus and I were facebook friends and lovers for three years! Sweet messages and comments and virtual hugs and kisses.  Pretended to be kind to me. I did all the talking and supporting him in groups and forums and pages. All he cared about was the online friendship part. He did send me something in the mail from Alunia. His production company. Which is sweet but he does this to all of his facebook buddies he talks to. I didnt get a thing after. Not even an invite to come see him live in Canaria. He broke my heart saying i only like him cause of the MJ get up.That its just an impersonation. He hid his true self from me. I didnt know how he looked normally. I thought he was  that sexy even without the makeup. Later he came clean as Gus HS on Facebook. Short hair and very scruffy face. It was obvious he used some extras to make up his face. Also he wears a wig and a weave. Someone told me he cut off all his real hair. Sad. One guy told me Gus is a liar. He been performing 20 years in Carnaria and as a record store clerk. He didnt have sex until recent with a man and a woman.  That he is very shy. But has a sting sharper than a knife. Fuck with him he will kill you! That he is also very biased. Hates black women and fat people. This is all true! Also he is a mommas boy. Always around his mom and she buys his clothes.  Gus isnt very popular without  alot of my work either. I told hundreds about him from US to Asia on this blog and my groups and my Facebook pages. Also word of mouth to my casemangers and staff people. They are speechless! To most Gus is a dedicated performer and inspiration because of his impersonation. But he is not very popular outside of his country at all. Even in Spain he is second or third to Sergio Cortes who looks better and performs outside of Spain with a huge fanbase. Neither like each other or met in person.  One donates  money to. I really loved Gus. Mostly the images. Now his real self is out there and from what i saw he only adds other Latinos he knows to his real account as his private personal account as Gus HS.

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