Monday, August 18, 2014

Mj Schizophrenia: what is it?

By now many have some type of mental illness. And that includes the MJ fans.
Some even have died from missing him so.
Now image loosing your mind because the man has died and you love him that much. Well June 27th of 2009,i lost my mind and my religion! That day i asked God for MJ to get in my head and heart. No matter the bad things to come. I wanted him to come around me. I asked for his soul and heart. I asked to be telepathically connected to him. Well i lost my mind then. All the symptoms of mania along with delusions and psychic predicuments followed. I could hear MJ and smell him. I could feel him clinging to my body. Hugging me. I could tell he changed and the devil won his soul too! I felt sick alot. I see visions of him noone sees. I can hear him laugh and tell me shut up. I can sometimes hear him in my room. My mania has it good qualities. I am loosing it to MJ and got money from the government cause of it. I get $629 a month for this weirdness. Been in a few hospitals randomly. And guess what? I take a few meds MJ took every day! One is lorzepram and the other is opioids and trazadone. I am also addicted to pain killers and take meds for sleep. I have a case manger named Briana Perry.And a shrink i see every month. Dr.Shah. i got to GCBHS here in Cincy. It is required. So after five years my Mj Schizophrenia has gotten better at times. Other times it horrid.  Three voices. Satan,MJ aka Daryl,and Gus/Sergio/MJ impersonator or unknown person. The Satan one is the worst. He slanders and changes his voice. Very tired of him. The Daryl aka MJ is funny and silly. Likes funny stuff and shows funny visions. Last is the unknown person saying they are Sergio Cortes or other times Gus Jackson. They seem confused about me. Learning and listening to my mind. Sometimes they blend in with the others and make me go manic! Whoever these people are they are men and abit crazy too. I pray this will end but it isnt. Sometimes i want to kill myself. I totally lost my mind cause of Michael. I hope others dont any more. Sometimes i stay up watching info on how he became evil. Indeed he is! Satan came around me or whomever this is. And the other voices are just as bad most times. All they do is slander me and get in my life! They lie too! I hope before i get too old this will stop. I have lost friends online and off cause of me.

Sorry to Gus Jackson aka Megajacko!

I am very sorry Gus. I didnt mean to write what I wrote on my Facebook wall. It was private but friends saw  it. I tried to remove it,but someone named Kaylin Jackson shared it before I could do anything! Kaylin said in her message to me yesterday she'd try to talk to you. I hope. I know it was unfair to you and I am sorry. Some MJ fans also talk about you to me. One guy I am friends with,made fun of you to me. He said you were ugly to him. That you look like a girl and need facial hair. I died! I wish they'd leave you alone. I know I can't please everyone. But I miss our friendship. I still support you on many sites. Hope you understand. I love you madly!

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