Friday, August 29, 2014

Introducing my son Miles Maestro Johnson!

First off I dont have a son. I can't have kids to illness and a small uterus. My doc told me in 2013 about it. Plus I just have no lover or boyfriend or husband. I am a total loser at love! But if I did have a son, he'd be this cute...

Yes that's a morph of me and his father Maestro aka MJ!
I did one with Gus Jackson and Sergio too. All look similar. I guess cause I have Aborginal blood and Native American? I don't know.
But I love pretending to have a real son. I can adopt but I dont live on my own yet. I am always in a group home or shelter. 
Miles would be bad off.
I love the name Miles. I named him after Miles Davis and Miley Cyrus. LOL
If you look at the morph,he has my eyes. He has my hair too!  I would try intro-vitro but I can't carry the child without bad things in my blood. So I hope you all understand. Miles is a roleplay I do. I do it not for fun. I do it cause I love Miles and seeing how my  kids would look makes me happy. I thought they'd be ugly. :(  Tell me what you think of Miles.

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