Friday, May 20, 2016

M the clone of Michael: Real indeed

It's been some time since we've seen Sofurgofromashes. Ah,but there's new one around! Adrien MJ Wayne! Seems that Michael or his clone,have a new alias. And a new face. Been following Paul Farance around. He stopped my heart with his Maestro of Ghost look(normal face).

Look at him? This isn't Michael to some fans,but is it? Michael Jackson isn't human per say.


Yes both are Paul Farance! Better known as Adrien MJ Wayne Aka Do Man MJ! Notice the face changes? Yes,his face chsnges alot. This guy is also known as Leachim 2012 and others world wide! He and Fabio Jackson May be the same too! Beware the clone changes alot. He isn't like Michael Jackson offline much. He even swears violently. He hides behind a mask alot one minute,and the next Tada! The names he uses change too. No one believes that this is Micharl. His mind works like The Riddler. His dancing is impeccable! He jumps from account to account. He has alot if computers too. In one photo Paul Jacks,an alias again he uses,he posted himself on three Macbooks. And on another account him and B zHoward,yes him! They shared a zWindowz 7 pc. I saw. Where to find this guy? Facebook. Nothing but Facebook,where the liars lie.

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