Sunday, June 12, 2016

After so long,this is me!

Negro people love to make fun of each other,and act often ignorant. I have had a few guys and women ask me for sex,ask me about where I am from,and laugh at me behind my back.
Recently a bunch of negro's stand around here at Tender Mercies. Every morning and everyday, They think they know me. They know not a thing! First my parents aren't fat. My dad is dead. If he were alive he would be 100 years old! Second my mother also is very old and slender too. She is 77 years old. Only fat person in my family is me!
I am 398 pounds now. My fattest! I am five feet four too and large-boned.
As for my race,I had a DNA test done. Costed about $99. Found out I have different African ancestors from West Africa. Mostly Ivory Coast and Ghana. Second part is from Senegal. I am not just African decent tho. I also,have some Irish blood and some West Asian.  Lastly I still have one drop Native American. Yes,just one percent. I have 18 percent white(European). But I am 80 percent negro! Even if I have long and  thick hair. I am mostly black.  So,those talking smack are retarded. Yes,I like Native men. They are very handsome. But,with one percent its  pretty though saying i am a indian. I have more white blood than Native! 30 percent more,i would be biracial!

Graduation 2018 at iKron!

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