Friday, November 18, 2016

Some EDM music I made for Michael and you!

I love EDM and various artists. I have been using a tiny software on my iPhone called Music Maker Jam. With it,I have made almost ten tracks all omy own! They are listed on my official account. My best mixes are the new "FLEXIN",and my chilling mix. I do these straight from my iPhone 5s at night or during the moment when I am anxious. My best mixes are when I am mad at my voices in my head. I am mentally ill.
The song playing is my newest mix "FLEXIN".
It is #1 so far and has 20 listeners. If you like more check out my!
I dont do this for profit. Not yet. It's a pet project and I am learning the software.
So far,so good! Leave a comment if you like what you hear. :)

Sergio Cortès Parra: The secret is out!

Sergio Cortès Parra
claims that he was also one of the kids Mj abused in the old court case in 1995. Sergio Cortès isn't his real name either. He claims that MJ gave him and his family a couple million to live off of. Sergio is originally from Brazil blood but was born in Barcelona Spain. His mother raised him outside of a old farm town. Sergio bought his house and Zaffie after MJ made another deal with him. This supposed deal is secret. Sergio worked before as a photographer to Mariah Carey during her Glitter era album and video shoots. Nothing serious.

Sergio has been working with many companies in secret also.
See the SMS text we did below:

Friday, November 4, 2016

Update 2016 for November

I would like to know too. Like I said Facebook has odd people on it. And that guy Paul Farance that was on Facebook is still around as a fake! Many times I catch these fake Michael Jackson look-a-likes. Juanca Jackson is another look-a-like. If you visit his account on Facebook,you will see he showed his face real quick! Ha! Such a funny guy. Not our Michael but very handsome . He has a wife and three kids! Wow! You get around don't you Juanca Jackson? 😊
But,it seems someone is even faking Juanca! And yes Paul Farance is married now with a kid on the way too so I heard. Let's hope it's not the spawn of evil! lol
What I noticed is Paul is playing catch me now. He has three new accounts on Facebook. And then like that,poof he morphed into Michael Joseph. Yep he calls himself that name. Why? Believe me I don't know. Look at Juanca Jackson there. Looks  like our King don't it? Without makeup? Hmm...
Yep he is handsome but not close to our Michael. But,oh wait... There is another picture....

Why does Juanca Jackson copy with the mask and hide his face?  And then we see said pic below...

There is a guy I saw before too of this guy and yes,he is our M! Remember him? That Maestro look. Remember it people. He is real I say. I hear he resides in Mexico or Spain. Often he is using a fake Ip.  I noticed his login info once on a Facebook logger. 
So,what do you guys think? Is it all real? 

Graduation 2018 at iKron!

I got my Educational/GED Prep Award on Friday at iKron! I am not sure if I can get into college again with it,but my other certificate fr...