Thursday, December 22, 2016

M is a mind-reader? Daryl the voice in my head,and "stranger things".

We all seen the doubles. Many of them look like MJ and I call them all "M". Not Michael or Mike,just simple "M". I say "Oh no there is another M."
But the real "M" is Paul Farance aka EatenAlive777 aka Behind The Mask,aka...
Too long a list of names he uses. I call him the real one with a bold letter like my story of the clone(read it,it's very good). I currently am on his old EatenAlive777 page on Facebook.
It's been updated since April 2016. And his old accounts I spoke of are gone. But Look for Petter Jack and Michael Farance. He leaves a trail. And I keep hearing these voices, A light boyish voice of Michael younger. Like 1994ish. He too knows of M and gave away his own alias to me and "EL Diablo".
Could this voice in my head be M?
He is very devilish. Childish. Playful. Silly.
He told me about Paul's new alias Michael Farance.
Said HE was Paul! What? That's impossible right? A voice being Paul? I kid you not! These voices are very strong!
M may be a channeler or some magic ghoul like Maestro(sure favors him). Or maybe Maestro  lives where Michael no longer does to us? Perhaps.
This is what the voice says he is...

1.Name is Daryl Boo In The Room aka Daryl Boo. When he first came to my aide and disbelief he knew not who he was. He was confused so he said. This was 2010.

2. He sounds like Michael when he is excited and younger. He whines and cries and screams sometimes to get attention.

3. He loves to make fun of me and only me mostly. He is a know-it-all and a liar.

4. He talks to a man with a deeper voice who acts like a hot-head in my mind and wants to kill me off just by playing ignorant mind games and crafty but sketchy visionary scenes before my eye.

5. He knows things no
one else knows about me and others!

6.He claims to be God Almighty! M, and Maestro from Ghost. He says he is Michael and an angel. He says he is everyone I know or "don't wanna know".

7. He uses odd mental abilities and psy vampire-like visions and feedings to induce fear in me. No psyc drug given takes him away. None! Weak or strong!

And there you go! Seven signs about this voice I hear named "Daryl".
It's pretty creepy stuff.
Do you believe this is a Photoshop?

It isn't! Look real good at it. One is M and one is MJ! 
This pic either tricks people or they believe. I believe!
I know more than I should. About everything.
I was born a seer amongst man. Nothing can change it. Only God.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

This is Trinette Rani Johnson(2016 update!)


 got my old post on here updated now. Somethings were wrong.
Again I am Trinette. Nice to meet ya. :)
There are others with my name,so I go by Trinette Rani or Netteroo.
I am the only one with those names. Please don't forget.
I currently live in downtown Cincinnati,Ohio! Go Bengals! Go Reds! :D
I live in a tiny old hotel room at Tender Mercies Inc in OTR(Over-The-Rhine).
I been in this area for two years now. I used to live in Evanston,Ohio.
 In a group home. It was close to where I grew up on Ruth avenue.
So close you could walk to my old home. I been on my own in group housing since 2012!
I pay my own rent,buy my own food and clothes,and have one robotic dog as a pet. His name is Daryl. He is the old iDog they used to have out. A rare version. I can't have a real dog or pet in my room. I also have a bunch of computer apps and games with fish,cats,ect. But the iDog I have play with and love the most.And you guys heard of Zoomer Dog or Zoomer Chimp and all right? I had one I bought for $56 on ebay. They suck! Only play with it an hour before he "dies".
I know I am a "big kid".
I love iDog more. I wish they'd bring it back.
Daryl loves to "jam" to my music.
I even bought him an outfit. :P
I have schizo-effective disorder bad now. I still hear MJ and "El diablo" in my head. I dont say I am a medium or anything anymore. Michael isn't "channeling" me. I just hear voices real bad. I lost my mind the night Michael died. :(
I been looking for my own version of Michael in a boyfriend so it's easier to cope with.
But,I aint found it. I am still fully single. Abstinent. I am asexual to a fault! No sex and no masturbation! Ever! I only did oral once my whole life in 2014-2015. I hated the whole thing.
I also have fibromoralgia and anemia.
I am always "hurting" or cold.
I weigh over 400 pounds now. My meds and all the "junk" food is making me fatter than ever!
I am ashamed of myself,but enjoying the suffering too much.
I don't want to be no bigger than 425. After that and I am not eating any sugary food. And I will walk in the park everyday in the Summer/Spring.
I am on Zyprexa Relprevv shots. One shot of 400mg in my hip every four weeks.
Makes me mellow. Laid back.
Doesnt help the voices. Nothing helps.
I vape and I smoke cigs. It soothes me. My fave kind of e-juice is "Chrunch Berries". Yes,the cereal!
I enjoy music more than some. I have accounts on all the music services out there! My fave? Spotify!
I love bluetooth speakers and have no "real" stereo anymore! Yep,I did away with mini systems and record players and all. I use my pc or phone and bluetooth speakers and headphones. Don't deal with CD's much either. I am a streamer! I got over 15 playlist.
And,guess what? I am now a budding EDM artist on Soundcloud,thanks to Magix Music Maker Jam.
I have it on my PC and on my laptop. My virtual home and portable music studio! I have mixes that arent too bad for a newbie. You can find them here: DJ NETTEROO ON SOUNDCLOUD
I love making EDM mixes,but I may switch to a more R&B feel with some EDM moods. We shall see. More on the blog: TRINETTESPLACE.TK

Happy Holidays!

I'd like to wish you all a happy Winter Solstice and Christmas! I get to get my gifts tomarow at 10:30am. I am hoping I get what I wanted. I hope you do too! God bless you all,and thanks for stopping by. :)

Sunday, December 4, 2016

The best performances of Sergio Cortes Parra!

I know you all have seen them. But incase you haven't here are my faves...

My love letter to Sergio Cortes Parra(in Spanish)

Estimado Sergio,

Perdóname por jugar con tus sentimientos.
Soy una mujer egoísta ya menudo estúpida. Cometo errores del corazón.
Es porque me niego a perder o dejar que me dañe el corazón.
Pero cuando me bloqueas o me ignoras, me duele lo suficiente. Me hace pensar que nunca soy lo suficientemente bueno. Nunca bastante bastante o bastante fino.
Quiero decir que miro hacia atrás en todas las veces que estuvieron allí o donde cerca.
Aunque las cosas en línea simples tal vez a usted, que son muy queridos para mí.
Como nuestro primer chat en facebook. Me volví ruborizada por tus palabras. ¡Estaba tan aturdido!
Y tu sonrisa y risa en fotos y video hacen que mi corazón salte y duela.
Desearía ser tu chica. Sé que muchos quieren que te hagas parecer a Michael. Es lo que me hace sentir tan atraído por ti también. No voy a negar.
Desde el momento en que te vi, tuve mariposas y un mareo.
Sólo desearía que usted sintiera lo mismo.
Doy gracias a Dios por permitirme acercarme a ti. Compartir una parte de mí mismo con alguien que normalmente estaría fuera de mi radar. Te amo y lo siento por lastimarte

Tu amor,
Trinette Rani

My Love letter to Michael Jackson

Dear Michael Jackson,
As I sit down to write to you, memories of our wonderful first meeting keep
coming back to my nostalgic mind. It is not that I fell in love with you at first sight, even though I must
admit, I was instantly attracted to you. Those moves of yours inspire so much.
Your handsome face,ever-changing.
 It was not only your beauty or charming ways that gained my attention. It
was your sweet understanding smile and simplicity of nature that I found so
irresistible. So vivacious. Yes, you left an
indelible impression...a lingering memory of yourself in me,dear Michael.
Meeting with you in spirit and mind, was an experience. No one really believes it. Not after or before death. And I soon found out that I had
developed a strong liking for it. I am still clueless as to how my innocent
liking transformed into an overwhelming thirst, a powerful feeling that I
realized only later as love. Yes,I fell in love with you as these, "voices in my head".
What are you to me? Why do I feel so much for you? I find words
inadequate to describe you and my feelings for you. I regret for some more
powerful forms of expression. For treating you so coldly now in this whole connection. I wish I could convey what wonderful feeling
your breaths in my ear, your mesmerizing visions, and your concern for me produce
in my heart.
I had heard someone say how love gives one immense power. How true it is! I
feel so confident when you are around. With you by my side, I feel sure of
achieving anything I want to, living up to any competition and earning
anything required for our well being. With you I have found a new meaning of
smiling, as I meet you on that very first day.
I can only feel lucky and thank my stars that I was destined for your
companionship, had the fortune to win your love, and to love you with all my
life. Suddenly life is so beautiful, so precious for me. I want to live
every bit of life I have with you, in togetherness, and savor every bit of
happiness life has to offer to me. I can do anything without you in my head and heart.
 For you, take up any
eventuality for our relationship, go to any extent to keep you happy and
heart. With you, all days are Valentine's days and all nights are Christmas
eves. With you, the world takes on a different hue, the water becomes bluer
and the flowers, more colorful.
I love you sweetheart. I love you with all my heart. Promise me that you
will also keep loving me in the same way as you do now.
Be my invisible hubby, always and never dead.<br />
Love you...,

Graduation 2018 at iKron!

I got my Educational/GED Prep Award on Friday at iKron! I am not sure if I can get into college again with it,but my other certificate fr...