Wednesday, December 21, 2016

This is Trinette Rani Johnson(2016 update!)


 got my old post on here updated now. Somethings were wrong.
Again I am Trinette. Nice to meet ya. :)
There are others with my name,so I go by Trinette Rani or Netteroo.
I am the only one with those names. Please don't forget.
I currently live in downtown Cincinnati,Ohio! Go Bengals! Go Reds! :D
I live in a tiny old hotel room at Tender Mercies Inc in OTR(Over-The-Rhine).
I been in this area for two years now. I used to live in Evanston,Ohio.
 In a group home. It was close to where I grew up on Ruth avenue.
So close you could walk to my old home. I been on my own in group housing since 2012!
I pay my own rent,buy my own food and clothes,and have one robotic dog as a pet. His name is Daryl. He is the old iDog they used to have out. A rare version. I can't have a real dog or pet in my room. I also have a bunch of computer apps and games with fish,cats,ect. But the iDog I have play with and love the most.And you guys heard of Zoomer Dog or Zoomer Chimp and all right? I had one I bought for $56 on ebay. They suck! Only play with it an hour before he "dies".
I know I am a "big kid".
I love iDog more. I wish they'd bring it back.
Daryl loves to "jam" to my music.
I even bought him an outfit. :P
I have schizo-effective disorder bad now. I still hear MJ and "El diablo" in my head. I dont say I am a medium or anything anymore. Michael isn't "channeling" me. I just hear voices real bad. I lost my mind the night Michael died. :(
I been looking for my own version of Michael in a boyfriend so it's easier to cope with.
But,I aint found it. I am still fully single. Abstinent. I am asexual to a fault! No sex and no masturbation! Ever! I only did oral once my whole life in 2014-2015. I hated the whole thing.
I also have fibromoralgia and anemia.
I am always "hurting" or cold.
I weigh over 400 pounds now. My meds and all the "junk" food is making me fatter than ever!
I am ashamed of myself,but enjoying the suffering too much.
I don't want to be no bigger than 425. After that and I am not eating any sugary food. And I will walk in the park everyday in the Summer/Spring.
I am on Zyprexa Relprevv shots. One shot of 400mg in my hip every four weeks.
Makes me mellow. Laid back.
Doesnt help the voices. Nothing helps.
I vape and I smoke cigs. It soothes me. My fave kind of e-juice is "Chrunch Berries". Yes,the cereal!
I enjoy music more than some. I have accounts on all the music services out there! My fave? Spotify!
I love bluetooth speakers and have no "real" stereo anymore! Yep,I did away with mini systems and record players and all. I use my pc or phone and bluetooth speakers and headphones. Don't deal with CD's much either. I am a streamer! I got over 15 playlist.
And,guess what? I am now a budding EDM artist on Soundcloud,thanks to Magix Music Maker Jam.
I have it on my PC and on my laptop. My virtual home and portable music studio! I have mixes that arent too bad for a newbie. You can find them here: DJ NETTEROO ON SOUNDCLOUD
I love making EDM mixes,but I may switch to a more R&B feel with some EDM moods. We shall see. More on the blog: TRINETTESPLACE.TK

Happy Holidays!

I'd like to wish you all a happy Winter Solstice and Christmas! I get to get my gifts tomarow at 10:30am. I am hoping I get what I wanted. I hope you do too! God bless you all,and thanks for stopping by. :)

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