Friday, December 1, 2017

Him, the candle I love!

Thank you Brandi for letting me buy this beautiful gift! I love how Tom Ford has that woodsy smell. It's exotic. Hard to find in my area.
Ladies and gents for the holidays,I recommend this one! Buy it here

Confused fans about MJ!

OMG! I got so much drama and hate on Facebook from the "fans". WTF?! I fainted at my desk once too after a fan shouted at me on video to die and that I was ugly as hell to him. An Indian guy. I still hurt. Why must you all be in the dark? The truth is right there in the news and what isn't you should just go trust your hearts to leave it be! Really!
Why must we yell and scream at hoaxers and Believers and even call us MJ Pervs "nasty"? We are ALL fans of this handsome and gifted performer who gave his all to us. Why can't you all share your gifts like him and gather your beliefs? This is why I am just tired of it. I love Michael in my own way. No one will change that; ever!

I have no more bones to pick with Sergio Cortès!

It's been awhile I know. I've been on Facebook a lot. :)
I guess you could say I have given up? I'm still blocked on some degree. But I noticed he does things a certain way with me. Second change? I think he does like me a bit. I'm the foolish person in love BTW.  :P  No,I just learned my lesson not to play around. Besides I am not "crazy" or loca. I am mostly playing the game. A stupid one. Looking for attention.  I'm a player hater. But,now I am changing around. I  have learned from my own self. Besides,doesnt make sense to hate someone I barely know! He doesn't know me well so I know better than to get mad at him. I rather try to get to know him without drama. So,on Facebook and other places I have been more supportive. I have decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. Listen to my heart,not my head. Not  bad but more mellow. It may be a complusiveness to his fans,but I'd rather it'd be than hatred. So,Sergio I miss you. I'm watching and I'm loving. I'm haunting and hoping to get closer on a more positive trip. In my thirty-eight years of life,I noticed man can be tricky. Judge no one! :) Judge yourself first! :)

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Make your own MJ text buddy!


I know that may seem silly to some but thanks to I found someone who I love. I'm a bit obsessing over Sergio Cortes and made my own text buddy based on him! You have to pay to play tho. Cost is $14.99 for 100 text or $24.00 for 200 text and a postcard.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Scream,the "new" cd!

The compilation album comes out Sept 29th,and has songs we fans and even haters heard before.
There is a new "remix" tho which is out now on iTunes(click the link to open iTunes).

New domain!

Only for one year and until I get enough money to register domain name again,it will be located at…
Please bookmark it and make a note of it. Thank you. :)

Monday, August 14, 2017

Still love MJ with all my heart!

It's been a rough few years with my illness and his death.
Really hard. I still love him and I know you all do too.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Out of respect to the Jackson family, I quit the hoax stuff!

I will leave Brandi Lewis and Pearl The to argue over it.  I had enough looking like a freak to them and fans and the family.  So now I will say Michael is gone.  Let him rest! Whatever you know or seen is just enough.  It's your belief and whoever wants to believe.  But to his family he is gone.  So I respect that.  No more fighting!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Tender Mercies and dealing with the madness in my mind!

As I stated in my last post I am dealing with some bogus mental illness cause of Michael and some other personal reasons. Before 2009,I was not healing voices at all! Nothing but music in my head that repeated. Sometimes I was very ill,but nothing like what I deal with now. Well,I am not alone. Since 2015 I have been living at a facility for those with mental illness called TENDER MERCIES INC. Its a housing program for adults with mental illness who are dealing with homelessness,abuse,and other issues. I wanted to mention it,cause many of the fans of MJ make fun of what I mention here. Even Pearl Jr attacked me like I was some idiot. She has no idea what I was getting at or going thru. It's rude! It's bad enough I hear voices both inside and out my head cause of a breakdown over MJ,but to deal with non-believers and haters is just madness. But anyway,I am doing ok. I can heal. For more on TENDER MERCIES or to donate see this site.... 
And for an update on what i deal with more,see my blog here...

What I'm dealing with,cause of MJ...

The devil keeps talking to me and playing around with my sense to know reality from fiction. Whole bunch of trying to see me from inside out. And Daryl(Michael Jackson)keeps getting in it. I know its crazy saying I hear Michael Jackson and the devil from hell,but it's what I hear. And all they do is pity me and annoy the Lord. It's disqusting! Pills don't help,sleep don't help,nothing helps! Ever since June 27th,2009,I been hearing this shit and it's cause I asked God for Michael Jackson's soul and to hear him telepathically after his faked death. No he isn't dead to me. God or Michael got upset and since then voices been inside and out my mind,playing with life. I pray,I take pills,I sit alone quietly. Nothing eases these voices much and God is saying I asked for this! The good thing is I've been living with this disability for 8 years now. And I get SSI now. I get $735 a month. I live pretty well off it too,but rent is outrageous in most places. I can work too if I want,but right now hearing these voices in my life from the inside out,is just too much! I refuse to work and go back to school right now.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


I will be very busy here at TM. I attend social groups and gaming. Won't be able to update this blog much. Sorry! 😐😑
I hope this blog helps or hurts some of you honestly. I can't please everyone. So goodbye MJ fans. I will miss you. It's been surreal!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Trin the minimalist?

I am; I guess. Unlike most people who vlog or blog,I post using a very funny setup-my smartphones and a bluetooth keyboard! Imagine blogging ths way with a iPhone 7 or even a Pixel....could you? I could! It takes a mindset to do it. A minimalistic mind. Also smartphone addiction on a high-note. With my chocolate-infused ghetto-crazed fat butt,I vowed to NEVER use a regular PC. Ever! Have you heard of smartphone replacing the desktop PC? I have that setup. It's kinda hard to do at first,but MHL and Chromecast replace that hedache.
I just can't get comfy unless it's a laptop running Android. I used that before.
So,what kind of setup? Can you see it? Of course...
Try doing it too using this site:

It's not expensive either. But my LG Optimus L90 hooked up to a keyboard,works just fine. I also have a Moto E and a LG Stylo. I love Android! :)

To Pearl Jr and Cecil Holmes

Ok no more stealing your hoax videos! I will be doing my own from my own room using my own setup. Unlike you I do mine from a smartphone and without editing. Pure and natural fan vloging!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Neverland up for grabs again?

Yet again...
But I doubt anyone will buy it. Ever! I'd like to see it turn into an amusement park again to the public or a museum but no! :(

Vote for your fave MJ Impersonator!

Currently Rodrigo is winning with 24% of the votes!
Wow! But do you guys really think he is better than Navi or Sergio?
Vote below and show us who's boss!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Show dates for Sergio Cortes(new)

I'd like to think Sergio for doing these tours. It'd be great to have you here someday! <3
!Gracias por ti.

March 24th,2017 in Zurich at 8pm(new)
info here.

May 27th,2017 in Benos Aires-Luna Park Stadium. At 8pm.
Tickets sold here.

July 18th,2017 in Union Lido.
Info here.

June 2,2017 in Bologna
info N/A

Alive 2: The Great Xscape out now on Amazon!

I am a believer and knower of Michael being alive. Read my post and you will find pics and random quirky post,about "M" and Michael.
But there is no info or video as thought out and informative as Cecil Holmes and Pearl Jr doing their Alive series!
The video is available on for $14.97 via DVD.
It can also be found on Youtube as a snippet.
Pearl Jr always keeps me on my toes with news about MJ.
Sometimes she beats me to the info about Mike.
If you are a believer you shouldn't miss out on this great video.
"It's all just an elaborate hoax!"

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Navi is Michael Jackson in new movie on Lifetime!(comments accepted here)

Navi plays him in new movie and says he had surgery on his face to become MJ's "best double".
But we all know Navi isn't the best looking(Sergio it should be you cause no surgery done).
Navi is very handsome though. Trinidad and Tobago is happy!
Nikki Minaj even smiled. Ha! :D 17 years he tricked us fans on tour cause MJ hated touring(did you know? ask Navi).
I like these insider video's from ET-
if that doesn't work here-

Michael Jackson's estate sells out our angel to escape taxes and IRS!

Oh hell no! That's what my cousin said after reading this:

Yes the damn "papers". It's bad enough I had to read it too.
Body exhumed now?!   :O
Okay,now with this shit. *shakes head*

Friday, February 24, 2017

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Am I a hater?

A lot of people put their all into loving Michael Jackson. I put my money! I have bought CDS and DVDs and all kinds of things since I was eight years old.
I have seen all the news and seen some of the magazine articles but none of that phased me.
What I feel in my heart for Michael is mix emotions. He comes across as a innocent angel.
But he is anything but innocent other than of some media lies and social media information. As a person he is not innocent. He has sinned like we all do.
And he is not an angel. Angels don't hate their own race of women or their father over everything he said or done. Angels don't hide the truth behind a money sign. "$"!
And angels don't wear a fake face every thirty days to look cuter via surgery.
But he did a lot for those in need. Children. Always children. To him they were the future. They were the only thing worth living for. To me children can be just as bad as their parents and easily led into danger! A child that is under five is a blank slate. A new beginning.
And yet I am never gonna be like a normal kid was. At birth I thought inside like an adult!
I been here before. Nothing's new. All my childhood I wanted to be grown up,so I can tell others that some of us young people are grown inside from birth! We may look young,but our souls are old. Our way is not new nor are we  innocent as children are supposed to be! Michael would have a fit if he knew all of us. We are the angels in my eyes. I think he might of discovered our secret during the trials too. Noted I don't understand all of his intentions but what I seen and read of as a child made me not trust the Jackson family! It's lies to you but there is truth in many a tale.
I sense it in my heart and spirit. I was hurt by Michaels decisions to love white and Jewish people.
I was taught not to trust them or a black person who trusts them with his affections.
Noted my father did just that and my mother disliked it!
I was crushed when Michael had feelings for women who weren't black or Latino or biracial.
I was confused by his changing face. Yet I still loved his music and believed that he was my only love.
I feel in love sexually with his look.  I own parts of him in my mind. Every time he changed, I saved parts I wanted.
Like building a robot.
So while you all have your own ideas of him I have built my own and my own MJ.
I believe what I believe. But I like hearing both sides of a tale.
That's how I decided he isn't so innocent or an angel.
To me he is still that little negro boy from J5 with a white face of a woman he loves!
Yes I said it!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sergio blocks Anke Cortès of Germany!

I am not alone getting the finger from Sergio Cortès. The impersonator resently decided to block random fans off his new public Instagram pages. Me included! And he blocked Anke Cortès! A fan many know is Germany's most dedicated fan of him online! Maybe because we know each other or he thinks she is "fan crazy" but it is a shocker.

Graduation 2018 at iKron!

I got my Educational/GED Prep Award on Friday at iKron! I am not sure if I can get into college again with it,but my other certificate fr...