Thursday, February 23, 2017

Am I a hater?

A lot of people put their all into loving Michael Jackson. I put my money! I have bought CDS and DVDs and all kinds of things since I was eight years old.
I have seen all the news and seen some of the magazine articles but none of that phased me.
What I feel in my heart for Michael is mix emotions. He comes across as a innocent angel.
But he is anything but innocent other than of some media lies and social media information. As a person he is not innocent. He has sinned like we all do.
And he is not an angel. Angels don't hate their own race of women or their father over everything he said or done. Angels don't hide the truth behind a money sign. "$"!
And angels don't wear a fake face every thirty days to look cuter via surgery.
But he did a lot for those in need. Children. Always children. To him they were the future. They were the only thing worth living for. To me children can be just as bad as their parents and easily led into danger! A child that is under five is a blank slate. A new beginning.
And yet I am never gonna be like a normal kid was. At birth I thought inside like an adult!
I been here before. Nothing's new. All my childhood I wanted to be grown up,so I can tell others that some of us young people are grown inside from birth! We may look young,but our souls are old. Our way is not new nor are we  innocent as children are supposed to be! Michael would have a fit if he knew all of us. We are the angels in my eyes. I think he might of discovered our secret during the trials too. Noted I don't understand all of his intentions but what I seen and read of as a child made me not trust the Jackson family! It's lies to you but there is truth in many a tale.
I sense it in my heart and spirit. I was hurt by Michaels decisions to love white and Jewish people.
I was taught not to trust them or a black person who trusts them with his affections.
Noted my father did just that and my mother disliked it!
I was crushed when Michael had feelings for women who weren't black or Latino or biracial.
I was confused by his changing face. Yet I still loved his music and believed that he was my only love.
I feel in love sexually with his look.  I own parts of him in my mind. Every time he changed, I saved parts I wanted.
Like building a robot.
So while you all have your own ideas of him I have built my own and my own MJ.
I believe what I believe. But I like hearing both sides of a tale.
That's how I decided he isn't so innocent or an angel.
To me he is still that little negro boy from J5 with a white face of a woman he loves!
Yes I said it!

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