Saturday, February 25, 2017

Navi is Michael Jackson in new movie on Lifetime!(comments accepted here)

Navi plays him in new movie and says he had surgery on his face to become MJ's "best double".
But we all know Navi isn't the best looking(Sergio it should be you cause no surgery done).
Navi is very handsome though. Trinidad and Tobago is happy!
Nikki Minaj even smiled. Ha! :D 17 years he tricked us fans on tour cause MJ hated touring(did you know? ask Navi).
I like these insider video's from ET-
if that doesn't work here-

Michael Jackson's estate sells out our angel to escape taxes and IRS!

Oh hell no! That's what my cousin said after reading this:

Yes the damn "papers". It's bad enough I had to read it too.
Body exhumed now?!   :O
Okay,now with this shit. *shakes head*

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