Monday, April 30, 2018

LeachiM Jackson and me! (Update)

Remember LeachiM Noskcaj 2013? Well,he is back! I been friends with him on Facebook/Blogger/Youtube for awhile now. I promise to update this blog more,but since I have been sick with mental illness and sickle cell,I can't always be "feeling so well". I will try to post when I can tho.
As for LeachiM2013,you can say he is schooling me about the hoax. :)
I am learning a lot from him and Brandi.
I would say Pearl Jr and Cecil too,but they have hurt me and are out for money and blood! I ain't in that shit. I do this for love! <3
LOL looking for LeachiM photos.  LOL :P I think it's M! Remember him? M!!!!
Or is it...Paul Farance? There is a Paris/London connection.
Anyway,I think he's very cute. <3
If it's MJJ,well...lets all say it's" POSSIBLE BUT I DON'T THINK SO...."

My DNA Test results are in!

Can you believe the results?!
I am 1 percent Native American,and yet my eyes have epincondril folds! Maybe I'm a Mongriloid?! OMG! :O
I am shocked by my 1 percent Spanish/Iberian blood. 34 percent Ghana blood? Wow. That makes me kindred to those from Haiti and Bahama's! :)

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Update on me 2018! I am Trinette Rani JOhnson!

Hello again! I am Trinette Rani johnson. I am now 38. I still live at Tender Mercies Inc,and have mental illness. I hear voices. I have complusive behavior. I take Abilify for it. May 4th I graduate officially from Adult High school! I went online and got a non-accrediated diploma,so I thought. COme to find out,it's accrediated! Devry and Keller University accepted it! I am now in college! I am thrilled cause I panicked thinking the school was fake entirely,and I had wasted my $45 to ship the diploma. All-in-all,I am thrilled. The effort I did put in it,I got back. I also passed the test at another online school too and got a diploma the same way,but I doubt they are as legit. For the most part;I can't wait to get my cap and gown on! Class of 2018!!!!
For more on me see my own blog site at TRINETTESPLACE.TK

Graduation 2018 at iKron!

I got my Educational/GED Prep Award on Friday at iKron! I am not sure if I can get into college again with it,but my other certificate fr...