Update on me 2018! I am Trinette Rani JOhnson!

Hello again! I am Trinette Rani johnson. I am now 38. I still live at Tender Mercies Inc,and have mental illness. I hear voices. I have complusive behavior. I take Abilify for it. May 4th I graduate officially from Adult High school! I went online and got a non-accrediated diploma,so I thought. COme to find out,it's accrediated! Devry and Keller University accepted it! I am now in college! I am thrilled cause I panicked thinking the school was fake entirely,and I had wasted my $45 to ship the diploma. All-in-all,I am thrilled. The effort I did put in it,I got back. I also passed the test at another online school too and got a diploma the same way,but I doubt they are as legit. For the most part;I can't wait to get my cap and gown on! Class of 2018!!!!
For more on me see my own blog site at TRINETTESPLACE.TK

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