Sergio Cortes Parra wants to sue me?!

I know I post a lot of things about him. Mostly I'm confused now. First I was blocked for being a stalker-type by him,then I find out that he is on or has an imposter of him that temps me and portrays as a "boyfriend for money" buy says many things he'd say privately. And lastly this....

Sergio Cortés <>
Sat 2/10/2018, 9:02 AM
Trinette... soon I will be in your country I have an American manager, for me it will be a pleasure to take you to the courts for all this you have been doing for years against me.😊👍

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I just read my email after some time. This was sent in February. It is now June.
Sergio was in the US too. He was spotted by some.
Still,this issue is a shocker that he'd say he'd sue me. I think it's a joke. A big 'ha ha". It has to be.
He'd get shown up in court. I have no money. Suing me for money is laughable. Very. I get only $750 a month and my rent is $210 as is!
I'm poor as hell! Disabled! Crazy! And, lustfully so!
All this has been cause my crazy ass is lusting after said man for all the wrong reasons. I did this to MJ too. Lusted in 2009 until I lost it and did a seance over his soul cause I was without him and had no life ATT. Now I have gone insane! Literally! His family would sue too if they knew what I did. What I know. What I hear of MJ.
Luckily,I am no dumb woman with it!
I brood;often. 
What sucks,is being me. I can't get away with anything. I can't be myself at all anymore around anyone. I can't whine online,I can't even swear or post an erotica like I did without this guy,saying something! I was on Fox News about it! Of all places. And my own black race "disses" me cause I look like Fat Albert meets Rerun. And I'm a she not a he. Supposedly. It's MY private life there on the matter. Most people like me,end up killing themselves before even having a life. Because of their looks. It sucks! I'm ugly,I'm fat,I'm nasty talker and dirty walker-type. Sue me! You. Yes you! Maybe,I shouldn't take this siting up or laying down. IDK...

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